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Apple aims to produce AirPods in Vietnam

Apple is testing production of Airpods in Vietnam to reduce dependence on China. This is also the first time Airpods have been produced anywhere other than China.

According to sources from the Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is experimenting with producing its wireless Airpods in Vietnam to diversify its production and reduce dependence on China.

The trade tension of China and the United States has greatly affected the selling prices of Apple products due to the main output still from factories in China. With the iPhone, Apple also has factories located in India and for Airpods, Apple has never had a factory in other countries besides China.

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China 's GoerTek plays an important role in assembling Airpods, which are testing to transfer the production process of this headset to our North.

Previously Apple has produced Earpods earphones in Vietnam. So it is not convenient to bring Airpods to other countries outside China to produce it, but our country.

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Vietnam is also becoming more and more attracted by technology companies because our labor is still quite cheap, import and export tax is not too high and very close to China so the factory rotation is not too hard. This is an advantage and also a very big limitation for our country, because we have many jobs for workers who are mainly constrained by factories discharging into the environment a waste and garbage. Very big waste.

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