Appeared PC gamers like “strange feeling”, blockbuster Horizon Zero Dawn at resolution … 72p

Horizon Zero Dawn was the blockbuster landing on PC in August 2020, and just then, there was a gamer who adjusted the resolution in the game down to … 72p (256 × 144). This is also the lowest resolution the game allows.

You can see it for yourself in the clip below, posted on Twitter by a member named St1ka. It looks pretty cool, guys.

Even when the resolution is lowered to 72p, the game still looks smooth and boring, guys. And it seems that playing this way will be quite interesting, creating a new wind for this popular adventure game. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is currently being sold on Steam for a price of 390,000 VND (details here).

Appeared PC gamers like

Looking at the stretch like this it is … too common!

Source GamesRadar

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