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Appear a new deepfake AI tool: clean up women's clothing in seconds

An additional example shows that if AI is abused by bad purpose, it will lead to incalculable consequences. A new AI-based development tool that turns any photo of anyone into a nude photo in seconds. Just put in the program a photo of someone wearing normal clothes, it will "strip" the person out.

Called DeepNude, the software was discovered by Samantha Cole on Motherboard and it was even released for free download on Windows (anyone who wants a high-resolution image buys a premium version for $ 99).

The creator of the software in some way still has some conscience when the photos created by AI from free or premium versions are stamped – a proof that is fake. However, if there are really bad intentions, cheating others, these waternarks can be erased easily.

The guys in Theverge have tried this software and got the results as above. Accordingly, the images after being created by AI at first glance seem like real but if you look closely, it is not difficult to identify the absurd points. Typically, the skin covered by AI will be fuzzy and not as sharp as the master image. On the other hand, the testers say that if the images that the subject wears bikini or revealing clothes, it will be easier to fake than the discreet clothes.

Of course, the above tool has created a wave of violent reactions from the online community due to the dangers that it can cause to those who fall into the sights of the bad guys, especially for the floating ones. language. The purpose of this tool is mainly women (men do not disguise nude photos) and it of course has the ability to reverse the lives of people who have been edited.

Alberto, the nickname of the creator of the tool, said he took the name from his childhood reading comics, referring to his ability to see through other people's clothing: “Like many others, I was fascinated by the idea that it can turn into reality and that always exists in my mind. ”Alberto said he is a technology enthusiast and not a pornographic lover, he has a passion for curiosity. and enjoyed AI.

Alberto said he considered the potential dangers caused by the software, but ultimately decided it was not an obstacle: "I told myself that technology is ready. So if someone has a bad intention, it doesn't change whether DeepNude exists or not … And if I don't do it, someone will do it. ”

Alberto said he only made software for fun and didn't think it would be popular. According to Alberto, this software is like Photoshop because it can completely produce results like DeepNude after only half an hour and some instructions on YouTube. Alberto added that if people use this tool for a bad purpose, "we will definitely stop it."

However, Alberto said he worries about potential legal issues when in the agreement it says that "each fine-tuned picture of this software is considered a fake joke" and "the purpose of The application is for entertainment purposes only, not for propagating pornographic images. ”

From a legal perspective, lawmakers are not only in the US but also many other parts of the world have begun to consider the hidden risks posed by such tools.


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