Appeal of the Crown against Ugo Fredette "25 years, for me it is really not enough"

Appeal of the Crown against Ugo Fredette “25 years, for me it is really not enough”

“25 years, I understand that they call it ‘for life’, but for me it is really not enough, considering that there have been two murders.”

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The mother of Véronique Barbe, one of the victims of Ugo Frenette, hopes that the appeal brought by the Crown for a more important sentence in the murderer’s case will be heard.

“If it has to go to the Supreme Court, we will go because it is absolutely necessary to change the law, it cannot remain like that in Quebec”, launched Claudette Biard in an interview with the program “Denis Lévesque”.

Ms. Biard was therefore reacting to the announcement, this week, of the Crown which still hopes that Fredette receives at least 50 years in penitentiary for having killed her spouse and an elder in September 2017.

Fredette, 45, was sentenced to life imprisonment last January for the murders of Véronique Barbe and Yvon Lacasse.

“He stole my daughter’s life. I’ve always found him to be jealous, possessive. He is a harmful, manipulative being, ”added Ms. Barbe’s mother.

“Véronique lived in fear”

The latter also returned to the life of her daughter with Fredette and the climate of fear that it seemed to reign in the couple.

“The past few years, Véronique has lived in fear. We didn’t agree with that relationship, ”she said.

“I had an extraordinary relationship with Véronique. We were like the two fingers of the hand. And as soon as he got into the set, it started to deteriorate. He managed to keep everyone away. Even her friends, the girls’ dinners, there were no more. “

Ms. Biard explained how several members of her family had tried to get Véronique Barbe out of this relationship, without success.

“I tried, his brothers tried to make him aware of what was happening, but I think that fear always took over”

“I didn’t feel her happy in there. Véronique was a cheerful, smiling girl who made us laugh. But the more things went in the last few years, the more withdrawn she was. It was difficult to have discussions, but I did not feel that she was happy (…) I think she wanted to protect everyone in this. She probably feared him in the last few years. “

“Always immersed in events”

She also said that it was difficult for her to grieve, because of the multiple passages in court.

“We are always immersed in events. We see events all the time. We will never forget, but it is difficult in this case to mourn in serenity, ”she said.

“It was a horrible gesture that was made. It’s appalling and it’s all the more difficult to move on. ”

See the rest of his interview in the video above.


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