Apolo Launcher: The most stylish launcher for Android

Apolo Launcher: The most stylish launcher for Android

Featuring stylish themes and artist-designed icons, Apolo Launcher offers your smartphone a unique level of finish. Along with optimizing autonomy and navigation speed, you get an experience beyond what you knew.

Fully customize your smartphone to your favorite theme! The Apolo launcher is compatible with over a million themes and image collections. Modify the result of your screen by adjusting the number of rows or columns, size, color, and more.

With the technology booster + one-click free up storage, boost RAM and extend your device’s autonomy. You can quickly access weather forecasts, your favorite apps, customizable news feeds based on your interests on the home screen.

The Apolo search bar is at the bottom of the screen and is easily accessible, allowing you to search for a website, a phone number, an app or just a contact, however you can through the app’s menu (selecting from the settings Home Screen and after Search) change its location to turn it off.

Also, after completing the settings, it enables you to save your configuration so that even if you do something in the future and cannot restore your desktop, you can easily do so through the settings. For this purpose select Settings, on the settings tab click Save, and on the next tab select save the current configuration.

Finally, you will no longer miss any messages since you can see the number of alerts directly in the meter icon. The main difference beyond the very good design and operation of the launcher is that it is available with no restrictions and no ads.

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