Apollo 11 boarded the moon without a toilet, how did the astronauts solve the sadness? - Photo 1.

Apollo 11 boarded the moon without a toilet, how did the astronauts "resolve the sadness"?

The two astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin could be the first to set foot on the lunar surface when the Apollo 11 landed 50 years ago, specifically July 20, 1969, but they had to give up one. Very ordinary facilities on the Earth to enter the journey to the Moon.

NASA engineers are probably too busy studying how to bring astronauts to the Moon and return, so much so that they don't bother to design a toilet for Moon missions to take place in the decade. 1960 and 1970. In fact, it was not until the 1980s that the first toilet was installed on the American spacecraft (there was a toilet on the Skylab space station in the 1970s, but it was a toilet seat). It looks like a hole in the wall, and the astronauts have to dry their waste in a special compartment).

"Defecation and urination have always been troublesome things in space travel since the early days of manned flights "- a NASA official said.

During the Apollo 11 mission, like every Apollo mission, the astronauts had to wrestle with a stinky zip bag when they wanted to "release". Do you want to know how that process takes place?

Human waste in space is contained in a zip bag system

For urination, astronauts use something that looks like a condom (and change every day). This is attached to a bag with a short hose. This system is not suitable for women, because Apollo astronauts are now male. Because of using bags, urine spilled out like a meal.

The device is used to hold urine, and it is designed only for men to use

The process of solid waste disposal in space is not quite any better.

"Since there is no system that provides easy solutions for removing solid waste from the body, an extremely basic system must be used to serve the collection of waste during flights "- NASA said. "The device used here is a plastic bag attached to the butt to … catch the stool ".

Apollo 11 boarded the moon without a toilet, how did the astronauts solve the sadness? - Photo 2.

Astronaut Michael Collins on Apollo 11 flight

The "device" is named … "stool bag" that astronauts use also attaches a compartment containing toilet paper, and it also has a section used to cover the fingers, whereby the astronauts They can keep their hands clean while fixing their bags on their buttocks. How to put this bag in the right place inside a small opening behind the astronaut's outfit is also not an easy thing. An Apollo astronaut once estimated that the entire process into this bathroom took them about … 45 minutes.

And even if everything is finished, the toilet bag will not guarantee that it will not spill out!

During the Apollo 10 mission that took place in May 1969, astronaut Tom Stafford once shouted: "Help with the towel, hurry up. There are feces floating in the air"…

NASA asked astronauts to bring all their waste back to Earth for inspection, so after Apollo astronauts "relieved", they had to seal waste bags and mold them. They mix in some important biocides to safely deliver waste to Earth.

The above stool bags are "rolled into the smallest possible bales" and stored before waiting for the flight to return, according to the criteria of the "backpacker and packer". However, many reports showed that "the odor problem continues to exist" during the Apollo crew's use of the bathroom.

"In general, Apollo's waste management system works satisfactorily from an engineer's point of view. However, from the crew's point of view, this system deserves to receive poor grades "- an Apollo report concludes.

Because of "relieving sadness" in the space is really … disgusting, time consuming, and stinking, astronauts often take laxatives before departure, and sometimes have to take drugs has the function of slowing intestinal activity.

On the Moon, astronauts wear diapers of space

Astronauts cannot use the above bag system to store waste while wearing astronaut costumes on the surface of the Moon. So when Apollo astronauts left the ship, they carried a "waste storage system" – a fancy way of saying … diapers.

It is unclear whether Aldrin and Armstrong will use the full power of that "system" during 21 hours and 36 minutes of working on the Moon, but Aldrin claims to be the first person to ever peed on an outer celestial body.

"On it lonely want to die "- he told a crowd in Newseum on the 40th anniversary of his first arrival on the Moon. "I peed in my pants ".

Apollo 11 boarded the moon without a toilet, how did the astronauts solve the sadness? - Photo 3.

The sign Aldrin and Armstrong left on the Moon 50 years ago states: "… here, people from Earth first set foot on the Moon in July 1969".

This board does not state that both are wearing diapers as they make their memorable dance!

Reference: BusinessInsider

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