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The term aphrodisiac comes from the Greek and refers to Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love. It designates any natural food that aims to increase the sexual desire and abilities of those who eat it. Its use, in most cases, is associated with the increase in the sexual potency of men.

  • An aphrodisiac product is myth or truth

  • Aphrodisiac substances

  • Danger of aphrodisiac products

An aphrodisiac product is myth or truth

Several experts claim that no product actually has the ability to create or increase sexual pleasure. What happens is, according to them, a placebo effect, when something achieves good results only by the psychological factor generated with its ingestion. If the occasional use of an aphrodisiac allows to accentuate the desire and provides more variations during sex, he is not able to solve problems in the relationship that are reflected at the time of sex or physical difficulties of erection. In such cases, the product delays going to the doctor.

Aphrodisiac substances

The list of food and drinks that have aphrodisiac effects is extensive and varies from products with restricted circulation and others sold on a large scale. It is possible to cite, for example, the cases of chili, ginseng, catuaba, açaí, peanuts, quail egg and ginger. Chocolate, coffee and guarana are also considered aphrodisiacs.

Danger of aphrodisiac products

Some aphrodisiac plants, when consumed in excess, can be dangerous to health. Therefore, consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking any product to avoid problems with overdose and the side effects of plants.

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