Apex Legends – It’s confirmed, it’s coming soon to Switch

We suspected that an announcement would eventually take place, it is now official. After a “leak” from the Japanese battle royale YouTube channel revived the subject of its Switch version, the latter possibly hinting that its release could be scheduled for February 2 (launch date of the new season as a reminder) , a date has finally been given to ring the launch of Apex Legends on the nomadic console. That said, we will have to wait a little longer.

So that’s okay, it’s not far either, but let’s say that, as you have probably already understood, it does not happen in parallel with the launch of the 8th season. The date chosen for the debut of Apex Legends on the hybrid machine is March 9. March 9? But why so long after the release of the last season? Don’t Switch players start off as losers? To that, we will answer “yes and no” …

Effectively, by investing in the nomadic version of the game (which can only be played with a Wi-Fi connection so good, “nomadic”…), and as long as you intend to put your under in the Battle Pass, you will directly unlock the first 30 levels of the latter and all associated items. Thus, you will gain the time that you will have wasted without the fun of the frenzied games to get there … Then, well, it remains a bad for a good for all those who wish to acquire the Battle Pass.

Finally, let us add that, for those who would have liked to honor the Switch version of the game with a physical edition (or for those who only live to stack boxes …), it seems that a “Champion” edition is in the game in some countries (so far, only Australia and Japan have confirmed it). This packaged edition will contain in addition to the game all the characters released so far (except Fuse), 3 skins, 3 legendary skins and in-game currency. However, no cartridge, everything will be on a small sheet inside the box… Obviously…

Here, there is therefore only a little month left before knowing if Panic Button paid tribute to Apex Legends and the Switch with this port. and we can’t wait to give you our opinion as soon as possible. In the meantime, we remind you that you can always try the current season (at the risk of repeating yourself: the 8th) on PC, modern PlayStation and Xbox machines.


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