AORUS ATC800 CPU Cooler – Ready for Ryzen 3000 Series

AORUS ATC800 CPU Cooler – Ready for Ryzen 3000 Series

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AORUS ATC800 – Actually, few people know that, AORUS is one of the earliest components manufacturers to be aware of the unique power and needs of the gaming community when launching the "gaming stickers" with one Comprehensive ecosystem from RAM, SSD to external accessories such as keyboard and mouse, in which, the most prominent is the "standalone" AORUS ATC700 radiator fan was released a few years ago, when the production line This product is still the "playground" of some of the few professional peripheral device manufacturers.

This is one of the best heavy-duty heat sinks of the time with full of features to attract gamers such as the ability to effectively dissipate heat, the ability to orient the inside air flow, multi-color light effects … and even, sometimes this product became "sold out" in the Vietnamese market when the company did not expect the "heat" of this radiator despite its high price and in the high-end segment.

After a few years of "passion" to its success, Gigabyte AORUS recently launched an upgraded version of this heavy-duty air-conditioner to "welcome" the recent generation of AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs. eyes on July 7 last with the name AORUS ATC800 with some attractive upgrades for gamers.

In this article, would like to introduce you to the first images of this high-end radiator fan series.


Is a premium-oriented product for gamers, of course AORUS ATC800 Must be "cared for" quite a lot to create a strong impression for users at first sight.

The box is made of thick paper with good print quality and possesses a simple, unobtrusive design with a product image that "occupies" most of the front space of the box.

Through the first images, it is easy to see that Gigabyte AORUS has been following the recent RGB sesame trend when equipped with two RGB-lights radiators, and even the iconic AORUS eagle logo is "under the background." "With multi-zone RGB lamp instead of using familiar orange tones as on" elder " AORUS ATC700 before.

The back of the box is a number of technical diagrams describing the size of the product, informing the user of the space needed in the machine to fit the cooling system. Below are some descriptions of the main technical features of AORUS ATC800 like owning 6 heat pipes, dual fan cooling technology RGB Fusion 2.0 monopoly of the company …

Embark on opening the box, AORUS ATC800 appeared with quite a few accessories, simply including a stand, two sets of clamps for Intel and AMD CPUs along with a small wrench attached and a tube of heat sink enough for … dozens of times "maintenance" cream.

Our "main character" still has the size and design almost equal to "elder". AORUS ATC700 Previously with a black plastic cover covered almost the entire exterior of the product, orienting the airflow through the aluminum grille inside.

The most obvious difference is that Gigabyte AORUS has equipped a fixed fan, snapping straight into the frame AORUS ATC800 instead of using a separate fan and the clamping structure can be easily replaced as in the previous version.

It is quite understandable because this fan set is integrated with backlight control technology RGB Fusion 2.0 form a "light lamp" with both the radiator and the external system, so replacing with other radiator fans will damage the uniform structure of the product.

Gigabyte AORUS can easily be seen following the recent RGB color movement when equipped with two radiator fans with RGB lights.


AORUS ATC800 share a common feature with many other "heavy" radiators that are a dense designed heat pipe system, in direct contact with the processor, bringing the temperature to evenly spread out the leaves upper heat sink.

Different from "elder" AORUS ATC700 With only three simple heat pipes, Gigabyte AORUS has increased the number of heat pipes of AORUS ATC800 up to six tubes with tubes inserted deep into the radiators instead of just "running around" as before.

This promises to increase the heat dissipation of the product to a new level, even enough to dissipate the temperature on the CPUs. AMD Ryzen 9 3900x The famous "kiln" with 12 parallel operation emits a large amount of heat during operation at full capacity.

Unlike its AORUS ATC700 elder with only three simple heat pipes, Gigabyte AORUS has increased the number of AORUS ATC800 heat pipes up to six with tubes inserted deep into the heatsinks.

The top of the heat sink is still the lid with the familiar "eagle" logo of AORUS, but is designed to be more submerged and easier to "light up" than the opaque plastic design on the old version, promising to bring a more luxurious feeling than the previous version.

In general, with more copper heat pipes, AORUS ATC800 providing a heavier, heavier, more premium feel, even comparable to some of the current top gas radiators coming from "professional" radiator accessories manufacturers on the market.

But the biggest advantage of the product is its ability to better synchronize with other AORUS components in the operation and RGB "lamp" effects via RGB Fusion 2.0 technology, which is attractive enough for Fans of "eagle team" in assembling and building new high-end gaming PC systems.


General, AORUS ATC800 Can be seen as a perfect upgrade of AORUS ATC700 with better heat dissipation capability, enough to "pull" CPUs AMD Ryzen 3000 series The "heavy" has just come out, enough to satisfy the "colorful" needs of gamers, especially those of "fans" of "eagle team" thanks to integrated synchronization technologies.


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