Anyone who has ever stole food at work will need such an anti-theft device - Photo 1.

Anyone who has ever stole food from work will need a device like this

During a stressful and tired working day, a soft, fat and aromatic butter pudding will be a good stress reliever. Some people often leave pudding in the fridge, waiting for the right time to take it out to sip. But sometimes, what you take out is just an empty box.

To cope with sweets, a device called Pudding Alert was born to help you protect the pudding from the wrong hands. The main components of the Pudding Alert system include a sensor plate and a display.

When it is discovered that crooks take the pudding, a "wrathful" face will appear on the screen. At the same time, the device will automatically issue a warning "Pudding has been stolen" with the threat of "Return the cake!". Naturally, the alert volume was loud enough to attract the attention of those around them, and the thief would have to startle taperingly.

Anyone who has ever stole food from work will need a device like this - Photo 2.

In case the thief's conscience suddenly rises and the cake is returned to its original location, the Pudding Alert will stop "resenting" and the message "Pudding has returned". But what if a thief is more mischievous, what about a "tiger painting" pudding with something similar in size?

Don't worry, Pudding Alert is smarter than you think. This device knows the original weight of the pudding. If he finds out that the weight on the plate has changed, he will know he has been tricked and shout, "This is not pudding!".

Anti-theft device pudding

In addition, at the moment the pudding is removed from the plate, the camera attached to the Pudding Alert will automatically take and send the photo via e-mail to the actual owner of the cake. Or if someone moves Pudding Alert, it will also automatically take and send photos.

The Pudding Alert has been researched and developed by Mr. Nemoto and his Japanese colleagues for 2 years. After making a series of upgrades to create the current Pudding Alert 2.1 version, Mr. Nemoto said if the number of order enough, they will consider providing this product to market.

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