Anti-virus infection from USB to computer (manual)

Anti-virus infection from USB to computer (manual)

USB is increasingly used by many people to store data conveniently, but this is also the cause of virus infection from one computer to another via USB. So how to prevent virus from USB spreading to the computer?

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To prevent the process of virus infection from USB ElectrodealPro introduce you a little trick by reformatting the USB using NTFS files and decentralizing to protect the USB from infection to the personal computer. . To do this, follow these steps.

Play more virus from USB to computer (bang tay)

Anti-virus infection from USB to computer (manual)

Step 1: First you attach the USB to the computer and then right-click the icon Computer outside the desktop and then click Manage (Picture below)

Step 2: At the window Computer Managent you choose Device Manager, to the right frame you click Disk driver Next right click on your USB name, then Click Select Properties.

Step 3: Here you switch to the card Policies then tick it Better perfomance and choose OK.

Step 4: You enter Computer right click on USB click Format

Step 5: In File System you choose is NTFS then click Start

Step 6: After Click Start The program will display a warning you clicked OK To confirm

Step 7: Session a few minutes program Format There will be a notice, you choose OK to finish

Step 8: You can check in USB by right-clicking on the USB selected Properties

Step 9: Switch to card Security to check as shown below, then click OK to close

You close and use USB to store data normally.
So above we have instructed you how to prevent the USB from spreading Viruses to the computer by reformatting the USB drive, thereby helping you to protect the computer, the USB from viruses, and malicious spyware. , … In addition, you can use the USB protection software available in ElectrodealPro to protect your important data.


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