Anti-cancer fruits are many in Vietnam but few people pay attention
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Anti-cancer fruits are many in Vietnam but few people pay attention

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Every 9-10 months, where we sell fruit stalls, we also see people selling roses with yellow, yellow and orange extremely eye-catching. This fruit is one of the fruits grown very popular in Asian countries in general and Vietnam in particular. In our country, every time near the Mid-Autumn Festival, the persimmons are more and more popular because this is an important fruit in the mid-autumn tray.

Anti-cancer fruits are many in Vietnam but few people pay attention

In addition to being a fruit that has effects on our health, ripe persimmons also have extremely effective anti-cancer effects.

Why is pink resistant to cancer?

According to Oriental medicine, the persimmons have soldering properties, have the effect of clearing the apples, laxative elimination of phlegm, puree, just thirst for new born, bales, dysentery, blood … help reduce constipation, aches and pains caused by diseases hemorrhoids or conditions such as hemorrhage, dry cough, sore throat, high blood pressure.

Why pink is resistant to cancer

In addition to the nutrients and uses above, persimmon also contains a large amount of catechin and polyphenol antioxidants, which have very good anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to high beta carotene content, compounds like sibutol and betulinic acid also contribute to the fight against dangerous cancers.

With these beneficial compounds, persimmons are considered a “panacea” that can be used to fight free radicals – cell damage agents and also cause cancer. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals and prevent DNA damage.

Anti-cancer fruits

Besides, persimmons contain lots of Vitamin C which helps prevent oxidation, boost the immune system, help the body prevent and treat some common diseases such as colds, flu, lung infections, asthma. .. In addition, pink also helps beauty for women, because the composition of persimmons contains vitamin A, iron helps the skin ruddy and maintains the correct composition of blood, improving skin and hair health.

Notes when eating persimmon

Notes when eating persimmon

However, persimmons have many uses and benefits for the body. But not always and everyone can eat roses comfortably, because sometimes it will backfire with people using them improperly. Therefore, when eating persimmon, you should also remember a few points:

  • Do not eat fasting because it can affect the stomach as well as stone formation.
  • Do not eat rose peel that can form stones in the stomach.
  • People with diabetes, diarrhea, stomach problems should avoid eating persimmon.
  • Do not eat roses with foods: sweet potatoes, goose meat, fishy stuff.


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