Ant Group's A-share IPO issuance price is 68.8 yuan per share, issuance scale is 114.945 billion yuan_detailed interpretation_news_hot events_36氪
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Ant Group’s A-share IPO issuance price is 68.8 yuan per share, issuance scale is 114.945 billion yuan_detailed interpretation_news_hot events_36氪

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Ant Group’s A-share IPO price is 68.8 yuan per share

Update: Tonight, Ant Group issued an announcement that the A-share IPO issue price was 68.8 yuan per share. Before the over-allotment option was exercised, the size of the A-share issuance was 114.945 billion yuan.

Earlier today, it was reported that some large investors gave an quotation of approximately RMB 68-69 per share for the Ant Group IPO, and many people bid for the shares of Ant Group at a price close to RMB 69 per share.

At the 2nd Bund Finance Summit recently, Jack Ma revealed that the Ant Group’s pricing has been determined in Shanghai, and that this is the largest financing pricing in human history. But did not disclose the specific pricing amount.

It is understood that the A-share IPO issue price of Ant Group will be announced today and will be open for subscription on the 29th of this month. The Hong Kong stock IPO will be finalized on the 30th of this month.

In terms of listing schedule, it is reported that Ant Group will be listed in Hong Kong on November 5th, and listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board as early as early November. The latest report shows that the valuation of Ant Group has increased from US$280 billion to a maximum of US$460 billion.

According to previous reports, Ant Group’s financing scale is at least US$35 billion. It is reported that Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Alibaba, will participate in the strategic placement and subscribe for 730 million shares. Major investment institutions are also frantically grabbing the IPO share of Ant Group.

At the Bund Financial Summit yesterday, the National Social Security Fund, the largest external shareholder of Ant Group, also advertised that Ant Group had already restocked in the first round and is now very actively participating in the IPO. It is hoped that Ant Group will give more war quota.

Some analysts believe that it is conservatively estimated that the market value of Ant Group will increase by 50% within six months.

The prospectus disclosed that Ant Group will issue no more than 1.67 billion new shares in A shares and Hong Kong shares at a scale of 1:1, and the total issuance scale will not exceed 11% of the company’s total share capital.

Roughly estimated, the issue price of Ant Group is about 70 yuan per share.

The prospectus shows that Jack Ma is the actual controller of Ant Group, Alibaba is the largest shareholder of Ant Group, holding 33% of the shares, and Jack Ma personally holds 2.677 billion shares of Ant Group. After the listing, Alibaba’s shareholding was diluted to 31.77%, including 7.763 billion A shares, 1.158 billion foreign shares, 730 million strategic subscription shares, and Jack Ma’s shares were diluted to no more than 8.8%.

Editor-in-chief’s comment: The price of nearly 70 yuan per share is in line with market expectations. As the world’s largest IPO, Ant Group has received unprecedented popularity, and all parties have struggled to win the IPO share of Ant Group. Judging from the current situation, although Ant Group is still in the stage of transformation, it cannot stop the enthusiasm of the market.In the short term, the transformation of Ant Group’s digital life open platform may affect performance to a certain extent, but in the long term…

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