Answers to Brain Test all levels, Brain Test all levels

Answers to Brain Test all levels, Brain Test all levels

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is a puzzle game of the “brain hack” category with questions that are illogical and do not follow any rules. Similar to Brain Out, this type of brain hack game is hot trend on the game rankings.

If you are testing your brain and have a difficult question in Brain Test, please refer to all Brain Test answers below this article.

All Brain Test answers, Brain Test answers (constantly updated)

Note that the questions in Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles may change in order, so read the question to find the corresponding answer.

Level 1: Choose the biggest animal – Choose a Lion

Dap an brain test

Level 2: Burn everything to ashes – Get the torch and burn everything in the picture, including the words Everything in the question title.

brain test answers

Level 3: How many holes are on the shirt – The answer is 8 holes

brain test answers

Level 4: How does this flower bloom – Move all the clouds out so that the sun shines on the flower.

cau loi brain test

Level 5: What is closest to us – The moon is closest to our word.

brain test level 5

Level 6: Click on the animals, from smallest to largest. – Click on 3 animals, the tree is not an animal so you should ignore it.

How to solve brain test

Level 7: Grab the falling apples – Touch the falling apples, don’t touch the flying apples.

brain test award

Level 8: Where is my rabbit? – Use carrots as ears, attach olive to eyes and radish as nose as rabbit.

how to brain test

Level 9: If you pass the 2nd driver, what position are you in the 2nd position – You are still in the 2nd position because you were in the 3rd position in the 2nd place, not in the first place.

Level 10: Swipe left to unlock – Swipe the arrow to the left, don’t swipe to the right of the arrow.

Level 11: Please feed the ebony cat, it’s hungry – Get the cookie into the word cat on the title.

Level 12: Where is the green ball – Mix the yellow and blue balls.

Level 13: Which month is longer – October has the longest number of words, not the longest.

Level 14: They say curiosity kills the cat, but you can kill it, too? – Move words Curiosity at the question title down the cat.

Level 15: How many Pizza slices do we have? – Move the pizza pieces out of their position, you will see the hidden pizza pieces, then count the pizza pieces and fill them.

brain test tricky puzzle answer

Level 16: Turn it off! Too dangerous – Click the red light to turn off the super speed kettle.

Level 17: If 4 + 5×5-2 =? – The answer is 4 + 25 – 8-2 = 27

Level 18: Click on them in order 1, 49, 80, 5, 7, 11, 101 – If you have a good memory remember the number and press, otherwise look at the title of the question here and click Order.

Level 19: What is the number hidden – Remove the stone and you will see the hidden number.

Level 20: How many months have 28 days – Every month has 28 days> 12 months.

Level 21: Save this boy – Put the shovel into the nearby overhanging ground, then remove the bone for the dog to gnaw.

Level 22: Where will the black sheep be? – Put black letters near any sheep so that they turn black.

Level 23: Something’s wrong with this picture – The clown has 6 fingers.

brain test tricky puzzle

Level 24: Put the elephant in the fridge – Click on the handle of the refrigerator to open the cupboard, then put the elephant in.

Level 25: How the bus can get through – Minimize the bus and move through the gap.

Dap an brain test tricky puzzle

Level 26: There’s an intruder at our feast party – The mouse is below.

brain test solution

Level 27: Save her Quickly – Putting the two clouds together to strike the bandits.

Brain test all levels

Level 28: Catch the mouse – Let the cat go around the maze

brain test all level

Level 29: Fix equation 4 + 5 = 19 – Cover it with your finger for about 5 seconds.

Level 30: Mun is hungry, just let Mun eat it – Touch the knob of the gas burner to turn on the stove, then put the box of fish meat to let the mouse run out.

Level 31: Let’s make them love each other – Move the diamond ring on the ball for it to explode.

Level 32: What a terrible dice! Please help me – Shake your phone.

Level 33: What is the kitten called? – Touch the word cat in question.

Level 34: Which cat is on the right? – Swipe the 3 cats currently on the screen to the left, you will see another cat standing alone, touching it is okay.

Level 35: When I was 6 years old, my sister was half my age and my brother was twice my age. What is the total age of 3 brothers after 5 years? – The answer is 25.

Level 36: If 2 + 3 = 6, 5 + 6 = 30, 2 + 1 = 2, then 3 + 8 = 11.

Level 37: Your pet is drowning, which one will you save? – Touch all three fingers with all Cats and Cats.

Level 38: Arrange this equation to be a correct calculation (1000 + 50 = 4850) – The answer is to put the number 38 from Level 38 down to 1000 + 3850 = 4850, if the calculation is a different number then you do the same thing.

brain test award all levels

Level 39: Please help me find my socks – Touch your two fingers in the white space and shrink everything as a thumbnail, you will find your socks.

Level 40: Help the car cross the bridge – Click on the car to let it run, then hold your finger on the cracked bridge to let the car pass.

Level 41: Bon is hungry, let Bon feed him – Move the ice cup to the mouth of the soup first, then move the salt jar into the mouth of the soup and give the soup to Bon.

Level 42: Please light the right button you need – Move the guy to the right corner for zombies to follow, then quickly move him around to the left to the car.

Level 43: Please open Soda – Shake your phone vertically to let soda pop on the lid.

Level 44: Where is the cat on this text? – Move the question down below the three animals.

Level 45: Right is 1, left is 9, middle is? – The answer is 4

brain test level 45

Level 46: It’s too dark, I don’t see my cat anywhere? – Move the light bulb in the suggestion to the screen for about 5 seconds, you will see your cat.

Level 47: Get to your destination before time runs out – Touch the car to drive, then tap the clock repeatedly to smash it.

Level 48: Get the maximum number possible (200 + 520, 452 – 102, 222/11, 15x15x2) – The answer is 999.

Level 49: Please help this kid stop crying – Turn your phone upside down and squirrel a few times to let the tears flow back.

Level 50: Where are my chocolate eggs? – Move all the eggs near the sun, you will see your chocolate eggs.

Level 51: Each guy has an older sister. How many brothers and sisters are here – The answer is 6

Level 52: Which monkey gets car sick? – Shake your phone, monkey grind the car will be collapsed, choose it.

Level 53: We Need 10 Dollars – Swipe the photographer’s wallet to let it fall, then click on the wallet to let the money fall out.

brain screech

Level 54: How many circles – There are 7 circles in all.

Level 55: Help this poor guy – Put your phone down so the turtle can be flipped over

Level 56: Help the red win – Move the red text in the question to the destination flag.

Level 57: We need 9 apples – Turn the number 9 in the question so it becomes 6

Level 58: Please turn on the TV – Touch with two fingers on the broken wires to turn on the TV.

Level 59: How many dots are there? – There are 5 dots in all.

loi stage brain test

Level 60: Mun is starving, catch that mouse for Mun – Turn the carpet with your fingers so that the mouse slides down to the Mun cat as shown below.

Level 61: Which building is the strongest – Shake the phone and see which building is the strongest.

Level 62: Click on the calves – Move the cows closer to the bulls, whenever there is a heart shape, there will be calves, click all 4 calves.

Level 63: Find the same pairs and win the game – Finding the pairs is easy, until the last picture has two carrots, swipe from the top to cut the picture into 2 pieces carrot.

brain test level 63

Level 64: Select red – Blue crossword> orange crossword> Red crossword.

Level 65: Blue car must win this race – Before racing you move the nitrogen tank in the upper right corner to the blue car, then click Which race.

brain test all level test

Level 66: Help the frog fly – Hold your finger on the frog’s nose for 5 seconds so it can fly.

Level 67: Oh Mun is still hungry – Swipe the lid of the matchbox to the left, match the match with the sandpaper, then light the cannon to shoot down the mouse.

Level 68: I want 9 candies – Touch the lid, then turn your phone upside down and shake until 9 candy is enough.

Level 69: Click on them from low to high (-459, 522, 1008, -5, 66, 578) – Start clicking numbers from the bottom to the top, not based on their values.

Level 70: Donith told me that you forgot to buy him a birthday present – Take the gift box icon below (next to the search icon) and give it to Donith.

Level 71: He will have to flee to his car to escape the zombies – The answer is in the picture below.

brain test answers

Level 72: How many squares – No squares, all triangles, click send.

Level 73: Press the button 100 times – Draw 2 zeros out of the title and place it on the button, then press once to get it done.

Level 74: Fisherman is having a bad day, help him catch a certain fish – Click on one of the 3 apples, they will split and there is a worm, hook that worm into the hook OK.

Level 75: She’s so sad that she burns some eggs, so cheer up – Go back to the time of the wall clock.

Level 76: How many rectangles – Move the rectangle in the right corner of the image and count, there are 4 pictures, but not all.

Level 77: How many balls in two baskets – There are 10 total balls

Level 78: Click the green button 3 times, the blue button is over 10 times and the red color is 5 times – Click the green button 3 times, is blue 12 times and red 5 times, counting the number of clicks, not paying attention to the button displayed next to.

Level 79: Get the lowest number possible in these numbers – Put the minus sign in calculation 452 – 102 to the right of the red X and write 999, it will become -999 the smallest number.

Level 80: How many cubes are there – There are 10 in all.

Level 81: Find the difference between two pictures – No difference at all, keep 0 and press send.

Level 82: Move the numbers so that the equation becomes true – Move the numbers 8 and 2 next to the letter level for X = 8 and Y = 2 and click on it.

Level 83: Jim’s 2nd Birthday, please light a candle for him – Light a candle, turn off the lighted candle to light the remaining candles.

Level 84: Stop this war – Hold your fingers in and separate the cookies.

Level 85: Show me your patience – You don’t need to do anything, wait for the stage.

Level 86: We have to be ready before guests come – Rub your fingers into the three dirty glasses until they are clean.

Level 87: Birdie overslept, try shaking the tree – Hold your finger on the bird and shake your phone.

Level 88: Who wins this battle (100 riders with 100 violent) – Move the number 100 in the knight to the number 100 of violent.

Level 89: Put the cat in the house, it’s about to freeze outside – Move the cat close to the door and shake the phone.

Level 90: Turn on all the lights – You turn on the 2 rightmost switches to turn on 2 lights, the 3rd light please move it to the edge of the screen.

Level 91: Please complete this level – Missing letter p at level, you can drag P in Level above for letter in title.

Level 92: Click the green button 6 times – Press the green button 4 times, then remove the red button and press the green button 2 times.

Level 93: If 10 = 25, 35 = 75, 65 = 105 then 25 =? – The answer is 25 = 10.

Level 94: She also wants ice cream – Turn the boy’s hat into a cone, then place her hair on top of the cone to make it cream and give it to her.

Level 95: Complete the equation correctly – Below you should bring the number 31567 to 315 + 67 to = 382.

Level 96: I want some mayonnaise – Turn your phone upside down and shake.

Level 97: Help me catch that rabbit – Put the trap box in the middle of the rabbit and the carrot box as shown below, then open the carrot box.

dap an brain test all ca lv

Level 98: The baby is crying. I doubt she’ll have a “nub” again – Rub the baby’s stomach for 5 to 10 seconds so she can “get a baby”.

Level 99: My widowed aunt has 3 children. They are all married and have at least 1 child, and aunt has 3 grandsons. What is the minimum number of seats we need for dinner? – The answer is 11 seats.

Level 100: Help all of them get through but don’t leave someone alone with a predator.

Click on the sheep, then click on the boat to take the sheep to the new pier, then return to the old dock to put the cabbage on the boat> take the boat to the new pier and click the sheep to change seats for the cabbage.

At this time, the cabbage will go to the new wharf, put the sheep on the boat, take the sheep to the old wharf and click on the wolf to let the sheep stay at the old wharf and send the wolf boat to the new wharf> bring the wolf to the shore and return to carry the lamb at the old wharf to the new dock is okay.

Level 101: Give them apples but don’t leave the plate empty – Give two apples to the first two babies, then give the plate with apples to the third child.

Level 102: How many eggs – There are 7 eggs, one of which is a bald head.

Level 103: Mun, the cat wants to fly high – Put the cat to the right of the seesaw, then place the anvil near the Mun in the title to make the anvil fall and Mun fly away.

Level 104: Feed them all – Give the leaves to the grasshoppers, give the grasshoppers to the mice and finally give the mice to the cats.

Level 105: He refuses to eat his mother’s delicious soup – Touch the screw to the right of the shelf with the cup on top so that it falls to his feet, then bring the soup to his mouth for him to eat.

Level 106: What is the total cost (0.01 + 00.02 + 0.02 + 000.55 + 00.40 + 10.50 + 0.50) – The total is $ 12.

Level 107: Catch it right before my mother has a heart attack because of it! – Have you noticed the small valves near the edge of the pipe? Click on it to close all 3 pipe covers. When the mouse pokes its head out, click on it to get back into the tube.

Level 108: Teacher wants a rectangle – Bring the trapezoid to the edge of the screen to make a rectangle.

Level 109: Make scissors and hammers – Put two stones on two sheets of paper, then move two sheets into the scissors.

Level 110: How to make calculations (15x15x15 = 45) true – Touch the barrel of the cannon so that it points to the first X, then click on the fire wire so that it shoots the X into a plus sign. Then touch the cannon barrel so that it points to the other X mark and do the same.

Level 111: Help him get his wallet back – One finger holds the upper jaw of the Crocodile, one finger strokes his hand near the wallet.

Level 112: Male does not study for the exam, but he must pass the exam – Place his finger on Nam’s head and swipe to the side of the girl’s head so that Nam can stretch his head.

Level 113: Feed them a little, each – Hold and swipe down the donuts for one each. Remember to hurry and don’t let one eat two.

Level 114: I can’t play the video – Move the purple video icon on the bottom of the laptop up.

Level 115: His coffee is already cold – Click on the mirror to make it rotate like in the image below, then turn on the flashlight.

brain test all lv

Level 116: Find a standard frame for the colored shapes – Put the red square in the first square, then also put two triangles in this square.

Level 117: Make this calculation using the sticks in the picture – To calculate 9 + 3 = 5 you put a stroke in the plus sign on the number 8 so it becomes 8 – 3 = 5.

Level 118: Click on the fruits in a certain order – You in turn click on Apples> Cherry> Bananas> Grapes, count the number.

Level 119: Birthdays are here! How old is he? – Press and hold the candles and pull up, only 5 candles in the cake.

Level 120: Help her reach her goal – You zoom in on the target, then click on the girl’s hand to shoot.

Level 121: Help the mouse get cheese – Doing as below is okay

Dap an brain test tricky puzzle

Level 122: What should we replace in the question mark? – The answer is the letter R – car gearbox.

Level 123: Which is the slowest car? – The word Car in question

Level 124: How to make 7 + 6 + 5 = 5 – Drag part 7 + 6 + out of the screen so that 5 = 5 is okay.

Level 125: We need 5 actors for our movie, who will be removed – Take the chef’s hair from the top left.

Level 126: Help the right kid win a snowball match – Pick up the ground snow balls in the right child’s hand to increase the size of the ball.

Level 127: Help me, I don’t know where to turn – Remove the screen rotation lock on your phone and turn the phone sideways.

Level 128: Whichever blows the longest – Move the boy’s head closer to the three toes, the longest one you click on it.

Level 129: Where does honey come from – There is no correct answer, please click the bee in the title.


Above are all Brain Test answers: Tricky Puzzle, remember when you can not find the answer, please refer to Network Administrator.


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