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Synopsis Two high school students, Taichi Nishimura and Azuma Azuma, who have been sending their usual daily lives, are suddenly moved to a different world and interesting places due to the influence of the magic team that suddenly appeared at their feet one day.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. What is a cheat?

    1. Wandering
    2. Template
    3. Magic power 120,000
    4. Thinness of feeling
    5. enemy
    6. Do you have any cheats?
    7. Drawing
    8. Awakening
    9. A fool-like dialogue
    10. character
    11. Governor strategy
  2. General comment: What is a cheat?

    1. Personal impressions: What happened to the twins

What is a cheat?

Directed by Daisuke Chikushi and produced by Encollage Films.
It is a so-called “Naruro” work.
By the way, the title “ Different World Cheat Magician ''
Call a magician a magician, never make a mistake (laughs)
Directed by Daisuke Chikushi, produced by Encollage Films


Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

A scene to be drawn later is drawn as early as one episode.
The hero jumps down from the sky, in front of a surprised soldier of another world
“That ’s a cheat”
The magic starts and the OP begins (laughs)

To be honest, it feels stupid.
As with the title without any twist, “Another World Cheat Magician”,
The cheapness of the hero himself cheating himself is
It can be said to be a peculiar sense to be in a certain sense,
It laughs straight rather than being cool about the hero.

From the character designer of the main character of the typical design of black hair
Don't feel motivated or let you feel personality.
Is it the rule that the protagonist of Narou's work must be this design?

While feeling such a “Naruro” likeness,
The story begins when the hero and heroine are suddenly summoned to another world.
In the case of this type of “Naruro” work, the main character alone is often transferred to a different world,
This work is very rarely transferred to another world together with the “heroine”.


Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

The two people transferred to another world do not know the right or left,
I don't even know why they were transferred or to whom.
But in order to earn money to live, register with the "Adventure Guild"
Try to be an adventurer.

It is a story development that traces the template of a work called “Naruro”.
In addition, the magic test at the time of guild registration shows that they have “non-standard” magic power.
In particular, the hero seems to have a magical power that is even higher than the non-standard heroine.
It is the “cheat class” as the title says.

However, at the time of the first episode, the protagonists are not sure of their abilities,
The viewer is only aware of the fact that they have “great magical power”.
I was also wondering why they were called, who called them,
At the time of the first episode, it is an impression that isn't easy in the “Naru” works.

It is only like a template for good or bad.

Magic power 120,000

Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

This work, like a jump comic, shows the strength of the protagonist with numerical values.
Although the amount of magic is 120,000,
There seems to be 43,000 amazing wizards who teach magic to the heroes,
I know it's about three times as great, but only three times.

At about 3 times it is a little too unsatisfactory to call a cheat.
If it ’s impossible to measure,
Although the “cheet feeling” is strengthened, it is a number that cannot be said to be 3 times.

There is another number of magic strength, but the main character is “40,000”
There are about 6,000 amazing wizards. This is about 7 times the number,
This is the same cheat feeling as well.
In the first place, because I do not know the magic strength strength,
Even if only a number is put out, it doesn't come out.

This kind of digitization is most famous for Dragon Ball,
A normal human with a gun is 5 and a freezer is 530,000
The impact of putting out numbers was exactly.
However, even if this work puts out a number, there is no impact.
Even if it is bothered by numbers, this number will not appear after the third episode.

In this world, magic seems to be able to be used by giving magic power to spirits,
Normally only one attribute can be used,
There are 3 magicians who can teach the heroes magic.
By the way, the heroine can handle all four attributes.

However, only the hero does not know.
In the first place, the main character is not a magician but a mage,
It seems that there is a possibility of using powerful magic that only he can use unless he can use normal magic.
There are so many explanations in the beginning, and the development is plain.

First of all, do “training”
The hero and heroine learn how to use their magic powers,
This work is called quantification or training of magic, and this work includes a twist like a jump cartoon.

Thinness of feeling

Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

However, there are many parts that feel the typical brutality at the beginning,
As the story progresses, the “smoothness” fades away.

Many dear works are naturally harem,
Many heroines favor the hero, but this work has a little harem feeling.
For coming to a different world with a wife who promised the future of "childhood friend",
The main character's libido may be braking,
Although there are many female characters, it does not lead to romantic relationships or harem elements.

Although it is an element that often appears in other works such as slaves, it does not appear in this work.
The Harlem element is one of the factors that dislike “becoming”,
This work is thin with good sense of disgust specific to Naru.

There may be a person who has a nose to the main character who is getting on, but
It ’s not a story that goes well with the story,
It feels as if it is proceeding carefully and intimately like the 90's Fantasy Ranobe.

Whether it's interesting or not, at least there is no stress factor at the beginning.


Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

Enemies finally come out in episode 4. The enemy ’s purpose seems to be the power of the hero,
I'm not sure what I want to do with that power.
The protagonist and heroine struggle against such an unknown enemy.
It is a battle scene where you can't feel the cheat of “Another World Cheat Magician”.
The protagonist is swayed anyway.

A hero who is bloody and can be trampled on beasts.
The protagonist is just because of such "frustration" and "losing"
If you train further and become stronger, you can still understand.
In a pinch situation, the voice of the hero's brain can be heard asking for power?

Easy. It is not a development that takes advantage of the scene of early training,
Win with the help of a strong spirit.
Although mysterious awakening at the time of pinch and development to get power from mysterious existence is a promise,
The development up to that point is shallow, and it is only natural.

Do you have any cheats?

Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

The hero sometimes uses the word cheat.
It seems to be used when recognizing the magnitude and strength of one's own power.
Even if you use those words, the cheat feeling is not transmitted to the viewer.
In the first place, the spirit is stronger than the main character.

Every time he uses the word cheat, the viewer
“Is this really a cheat?”
In a scene where you can get a glimpse of the hero's ability in battle scenes,
The biggest problem is that you can't feel that cheat.

Although it was the power that I lent to me,
The fighting person only feels ugly, in a cheat state
Due to poor drawing and production of battle scenes, it is said that they will cause some strong winds and defeat
It has become a description that lacks excitement.
Even though it should be the power of “cheat”, it does n’t feel cheat.

I strongly feel the lack of power in the production of animation.
Even though the protagonist's ability is not transmitted from the screen,
Even if the protagonist himself calls himself a cheat cheat, he doesn't get the pin on the side he is watching.

There is no scene where the enemy complains to the protagonist that "It's such a cheat!"
Originally, I think that the cheat of the protagonist is transmitted only when the enemy and the surrounding people say so,
In the first place, there seems to be no word “cheat” in another world,
The hero or heroine can only use it.

The protagonist of other works would not be called cheats,
There is a non-standard hero setting so that the viewer feels “ sloppy '' and there is a cheat feeling
Although it appears naturally, this work has a thin cheat feeling with the name "Cheat".
It ’s a fall.

The heroine uses flashy magic when he loses weight,
The heroine is more cheaty.


Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

The story development itself is orthodox, although it feels solid.
The hero who has been transferred to another world learns how to use his power,
It gradually gets stronger and gets involved in the conspiracy over the world.
It can be said that it is a royal road as a different world fantasy.

However, drawing depresses the straight story.
The drawing of everyday scenes is the same, but the drawing of the battle scene is bad though it is a work with many battle scenes.
Basically, depiction of the strength of the hero fighting with “strengthening physical ability”, depiction of magic, etc.
There are many scenes that are made into battle scenes by connecting many ups,
The lack of power in the production is also noticeable.
Drawing is the biggest reason why the cheat feeling that should have been cheat is not transmitted.

There are many different “demons”, but the dragon in episode 7 is particularly terrible.
There is no problem with the depiction of the dragon itself. The “breath” he emits is a problem.
There should be many people imagining the wide range of high-powered breathing dragons,
"Breath" is released to the struggling hero and one of the characters appears and is sacrificed.
It is a chance for the hero to “wake up”.

This deployment is not a problem.
But the female character should have covered the dragon's breath
It just ends with a hole in the stomach.
How much is a pinpoint attack (bitter smile)

That ’s why the dragon ’s breath is so strange that the whole body becomes extinct.
It looks like a knife stab.
It's a depiction that makes you feel uncomfortable enough to think "Is this a gag?"
I understand that I wanted to have a conversation with the hero before my life was exhausted,
If that's the case, it's weird if it's not a bit more serious


Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

Finally, the hero awakens in episode 7.
However, the cheat is still weak.
The awakened hero demonstrates power against the dragon,
After all, the dragon has no wounds, and it ends only with the power of the hero.

Even though the protagonist is supposed to have killed a female character in the main character,
Where is that feeling?
After all, even if you formally contract with "Spirit", it does not feel that it has become stronger.

The root of this work is a jump-like cartoon.
It is a content that reminds me of Dragon Ball, such as training, awakening from the death of friends, and quantification of abilities.
However, it is not possible to make a climax with just glue.
Even if the hero becomes blonde and develops an overwhelming battle scene,
Not overwhelmed at all.

If you are awakened, the meaning of awakening comes out only by overwhelming the struggling enemies.
However, even if you are awake, there is no point in being awakened in a similar depiction.

A fool-like dialogue

Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

There is a line that sometimes beats.
For example, there is a story where the protagonists are called to the royal city.
One of the characters appears suddenly and tells the heroes that the king is calling.
In such a situation, the hero vomits such a line

"Is the king the king?"

Is this the main character (laughs)
I don't know the meaning of making such a confirmation a heroine.

Someone who ca n’t understand the king or king
You can easily see that the heroes were summoned to another world.
Moreover, the reason for calling it is to contain the “introgression”, but it no longer makes sense.
It seems that something with powerful magic power was necessary to contain the civil war.
It's not a reason to swallow.

Moreover, there is currently no way to return the protagonists to their original world.
It ’s unreasonable.
The other world has been attacked by the Demon King, or the world is in crisis
If you do not know it, you can understand it. Moreover, the opponent is the king's brother.
It ’s just a brother ’s fight, and the scale is too small and there ’s only a dry laugh.

The main characters will cooperate without any reason to cooperate.
I should have a little more angry feelings against them,
If the person who summons apologizes while tearing, he will forgive you.
I jumped out to the usual line, “We are a cheat!”
It's so popular that I'm amazed by this side.

In the first place, one of the characters appears dead before this episode.
A character that may have died if they were not summoned.
There must have been anger and sorrow that the hero awakened,
What about her death?

Although the beginning is a narrative storyline,
I enjoyed the training and the fun of the talk progressed little by little.
There ’s no such fun at the end,
The more the story progresses, the more the story becomes a hole.


Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

The number of characters increases considerably at the end of the game.
The heroes were involved in the civil war,
The characters on the king's side and the characters on the king's brother side will increase at a stretch.

The hero rescues the “twin” magician before the end story.
They are innocent girls used by enemies
Helped the saved hero.
I can't tell you what happened to them after the battle.
Moreover, the twins do not come out until the final story (bitter smile)

It is only a sense of incongruity that the rest of the two saved by the main character is not depicted.
There was almost no entanglement with the adventure party that helped the heroes in one episode,
The depiction of the sub character is terrible with respect to the main character.
If you have time to draw a lucky skeet of heroine and heroine,
It should be possible to draw the present of the twin magician on the scale of about 3 minutes.

Governor strategy

Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

The strategy is so ridiculous that the head hurts even after the war begins.
Enemies emit magic in exchange for their vitality, but if they leave, they will self-destruct.
Despite such a deserted attack, allies are not damaged.
Wasn't it the king's victory, with or without the heroes? It ’s the first game I feel.

During such a war, enemies appear to fulfill their revenge on the hero.
This enemy was defeated by the protagonist in the early stages and lost one arm, and is aiming to kill the protagonist.
How such “enemy” confronts the cheat hero,
The protagonist is stronger than when he first fought the protagonist.
What means will the enemy who revenge against such a hero use?

Even such a feeling of expectation will betray you.
Make the main character and the enemy's magical power the same with “cursed item” because there is no win (laughs)
In other words, the enemy side does not become strong to the hero level, but weakens the hero.
Is it an intention? Not as exciting as you think.
The battle that is sealed off is small in scale like a child's fight.

Even if the war starts, there is no excitement even if you fight against enemy characters that pop out,
Because the enemy will be killed in less than 5 minutes when it comes out of the enemy,
The meaning that comes out is not perfect. I'm not good at using characters until the end.

After all, the cheat is thin until the end, it seems that the hero has awakened one more stage
In the end, it doesn't get excited in a battle scene like a dragon ball.
The mastermind behind the war and the purpose of Yara
It ’s a little overwhelming, and our battle is now.

What was a cheat (bitter smile)


General comment: What is a cheat?

Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

Overall, there was a feeling that the story was carefully advanced at the beginning,
Although it was difficult to feel the disgust and refusal specific to the “Naru” work,
As the story progresses, the work itself begins to feel disgusted,
It's a work that gets better at the end.

In the first place, the “cheat” as in the title is thin.
There is also a cause that the drawing in the scene expressing the strength of the hero is bad,
If the cheat himself makes consecutive calls, there will be sacrifice, injury, struggle
It is weak against calling itself "cheat".
Although it is strong, it will rush into the work many times if it is not a cheat.

The early story was not bad.
Although it was a little lacking in excitement, it was trained and strengthened with a boy's comic strip.
As I awaken at the expense of my friends, I gradually became involved in the conspiracy
To return to the original world and childhood friend who was transferred together while knowing
The development of becoming stronger is not bad.

However, the more the story goes, the bigger it becomes,
Disgust and discomfort to the main character that I did not feel at the beginning
It has begun to appear around the middle. It is a very disappointing work.

If the title is “Another World Magician”, it may have been swallowed.
It seems like the whole work has been swayed by the element of “cheat”
The more the hero calls the cheat, the stronger the feeling of idleness,
It was a work that felt like falling over at the end of the year.

Personal impressions: What happened to the twins

Source: © 2019 Ken Uchida / Housewife's Friend Infos, KADOKAWA / “Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

Personally, it is a work that was normal until episodes 1 to 4.
Although it was the beginning of a “Naru” template, the story itself
The fun of proceeding with a dragon ball-like glue fits.

But from the dragon's breath I was able to stab my stomach
The discomfort of this work has also increased.
The number of disposable characters from the middle and the story and the feeling of serifs,
I haven't been able to keep up with the character's drawing of the saint's prince.

In the first place, what happened to that twin magician?
I didn't see it until the last story, but I was worried about it (bitter smile)
If you read the original, you may know the end of their lives,
It was a work that only left a dilemma that was unwilling to buy the original.

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