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Announcing the results of the Grenfell apartment fire investigation killed 71 people

In a Phase 1 investigation report, former British Supreme Court Judge Martin Moore-Bick, who headed the investigation, confirmed that there was compelling evidence that the quality of the walls of the Grenfell building did not comply. comply with construction regulations. Specifically, the surrounding walls use coatings and insulating materials that are very flammable, and there are longitudinal compartments that act as chimneys, causing a strong and widespread fire.

The Grenfell Tower apartment building was burned down in the fire. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

Moore-Bick said the flammable materials used in the renovation of the previous Grenfell apartment building will be the focus of a second phase investigation, which is currently underway and is expected to last for two years. . Accordingly, the next phase of the investigation will focus on clarifying decisions allowing the installation of highly flammable walling systems in a high-rise apartment building.

The British authorities are also opening a criminal investigation into a fire in Grenfell. British police said no allegations would be made until the end of the investigation process.

The Grenfell 24-storey apartment fire disaster in Kengsinton district in London on June 14, 2017 was the biggest traumatic fire in the UK since the beginning of the 20th century. The fire raised questions about housing construction regulations. and especially the quality of construction coatings. Investigations showed that aluminum plastic cladding, manufactured by American company Arconic, used to cover the outside of this building as the "culprit" causing the fire to explode rapidly and spread quickly.

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