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Announcing contestants to win a special prize Storytelling Photo Contest Oppo Photos & Tinhte Photos

So after more than 1 month, from the time of launching, the Photo Contest tells the story organized by Oppo Photos in collaboration with Tinhte Photos, we have the results of the contestants who won the special prize. Exquisite Camera would like to congratulate you:
With the Special Prize, Hai will receive:

  • Bonus VND 50,000,000
  • Attending the International Photo Exhibition – OPPO Creators Awards Exhibition
  • Was sponsored by Oppo a personal photography project
  • Invited to join 01 course of international photography workshop
  • Get 01 OPPO Reno smartphone with the latest 10x zoom version

In addition, Top 8 contestants are awarded 01 OPPO Reno smartphone 10x and can receive support for potential future photo projects.

You can see more photos in the Top 8 HERE

The following are the Mentors' share of the contest and workshop series, as well as the criteria for selecting the winners:

Mentor Nicolas Cornet:

"The 3-week workshop series organized by Oppo Photos and Tinhte Photos can be said to be a series of national programs on the first photo that have a lot of meaning. I find it very interesting to learn about young photographers in 3 workshop sessions and guide them on techniques, knowledge of photo storytelling and photo essay For many of you, this is the first time they experience photo stories, you have taken advantage of the workshop days with the presence of All 4 mentors to improve their photographic knowledge as well as how to present photos to the public When I guide the photo essay, I try to encourage you not to stop at merely a photo approach. material, but also to the next level of photography, which is the ability to transmit and play Feel the emotions where viewers see through images.

When it comes to photos, the "creative" criterion for me is very important. I do not require the photographer to write the introduction. For many photographers, images are a way of expressing emotions because they are not used to writing words. Then, to choose the winner, I consider the possibility of representing Vietnam at an international exhibition.

Congratulations on all the difficulties you have overcome during the workshop and have raised your level of photography to a new level. "

Mentor Nguyen Thanh Duong:

"For me, I have a series of workshops and the contest has been successful. As a participant as a mentor, I think this is a workshop model that needs to be developed and replicated in Vietnam for young people. in particular and photography lovers in general.

On the part of the contestants participating in my personal view, the general ground you have knowledge and ability to shoot quite well, but when going into the storytelling by images, you have quite a lot of problems. The problem needs to be solved in both the way of looking at the subject as well as the practice of photography. There are three biggest problems that you all face: choosing topics, effective storytelling and photo editing. In the process of learning and discussion, mentors give you a multi-dimensional perspective and a way to solve the problem in the most effective way. For those of you who have participated in the Top 60 workshop, I hope this will be an important stepping stone so you can continue to study and delve deeper into the issues that have been discussed, from which there will be directions. Good for yourself in practicing your own photography in the future.

For those of you who have not been able to participate this time, we also hope to meet you on another occasion, maybe next year. Thank you very much and the sponsor Oppo has supported the competition in all aspects and created a good playground for photography lovers, especially for young people who love storytelling. "

Mentor Le Kim Hung:

"In general, this workshop is well organized, I can see many ways to develop an annual workshop. Through workshops, we have created a small community of young photographers. Based on this, I hope we can keep in touch, monitor and support future students.

On the final round, the general ground has good thinking about building stories, and they are also strong in skills, but the practice time is short so it is difficult to see a significant change. So my criteria target the following points: "Is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimplementing the topic new? Is the subject personal or social? – If the topic is personal, how does it impact society? ".

Because the set of photos will be exhibited internationally, it focuses on the topic of expressing the problems of contemporary Vietnamese society and being able to develop and expand. That is why I choose a set of photos for workers and industrial parks. The expression of the photo is not really good, but it can be developed both in shaping and clarifying the author's intentions to tell a contemporary story in Vietnam. "

Mentor Maika Elan:

"When I choose a photo, I appreciate the ability to choose the topic and how to deal with the problem in three and a half days to make a photo project. The time of 2 days and 3-4 days of shooting is a period of time. It is relatively short, but like many photo workshops in the world, at the same time, it creates a pressure for you to challenge, requiring practitioners to be flexible and turn around to complete the project. Since I chose Trinh Ngoc Hai's "Worker Dream" photo series, Hai has come up with many interesting topics and found solutions to build his photos through the rounds. the topic and of course a good story to continue digging deeper. "

The narration series Workshop Photo Essay & Storytelling Top 20 (Round 2) took place in 3 regions:

  • South in Saigon 29-30 / 06 ( Link )
  • Central at Hoi An 3-4 / 07 ( Link )
  • Northern in Hanoi 6-7 / 07 ( Link )

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