Announcement of approval information for the first batch of imported online games in 2021, including multiple blockbuster products

On February 9, the National Press and Publication Administration announced the first batch of “Approval Information for Imported Online Games in 2021” in 2021. A total of 33 games have been reviewed, 4 game consoles, 4 client-side games, and 25 mobile games, including A variety of blockbuster products.

In terms of game consoles, three Switch games, “Super Mario Party”, “39 Days to Mars”, and “Lehman Legend” have been reviewed. So far, the National Bank’s NS game review list has reached 19, and the game lineup has been further expanded; PS4 “The Endless Road in the Secret Chamber” has been reviewed.

In terms of client games, four games including “Endless Journey” and Thunder game “Overloaded Dungeon” have been reviewed.

In terms of mobile games, Tencent “Island”, “League of Legends Mobile Games”, NetEase “Eve of Star Wars: No Ember Galaxy”, “Diablo: Immortality”, “Pokémon Adventure”, Xishanju “Final Fantasy” : Courage Revelation, the mobile game “Fantasy God”, the heartbeat network “Finding Paradise”, Bilibili “The Fantasy Adventure of the Princess of Canterbury and the Knight Wake up the Sword of Champion”, “Mecha Alice” and other games Trial.

Among them, “League of Legends Mobile Game” and “Diablo Immortal” deserve special attention.

“League of Legends Mobile Game”, the development of a fist game, and a MOBA mobile game represented by Tencent. The game opened its public beta in Japan and South Korea in October last year. The enthusiasm of players has repeatedly overwhelmed fist servers. Specific to the game performance, GameRes has shared the hands-on experience before. For details, please click “Have you played the 3AM mobile game ? “. In short, “League of Legends Mobile Game” is a pocket-sized version of “League of Legends”, the official has made a lot of mobile terminal adaptation designs while greatly restoring the terminal game experience. In addition, judging from the development of mobile games and mobile games in recent months, “League of Legends Mobile Games” really plays a complementary role with mobile games. Considering the huge audience of “League of Legends” in the country and the quality of the game itself, the performance of the national server is worth looking forward to.

“Diablo: Immortality”, a mobile game “Diablo” jointly developed by Blizzard and NetEase. The game started technical testing in Australia and other regions in December last year. According to the evaluation experience of the media and internal beta players, the game has excellent art design and combat experience. Whether it is the design of the equipment system, the characters, and the music, there is a nostalgic and fresh subtlety. Blizzard revealed at the earnings conference in early February that there are a number of free “World of Warcraft” mobile games under development, and “Diablo: Immortality” may become a touchstone of Blizzard’s classic IP extension to the mobile terminal, and it is officially launched. The subsequent performance also affects the hearts of the majority of players.

In addition, there are also a number of well-known IP mobile games such as Digimon, Saint Seiya, Love Live and so on.

The following is the specific information of the approved list:


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