Ankara involved in bombardment that caused casualties among Russian soldiers?

Ankara involved in bombardment that caused casualties among Russian soldiers?

Members of the Ansar At-Tawhid terrorist group, closely affiliated with Al-Qaeda, attacked the position of the Russian army, firing multiple Burkan missiles at the checkpoint, Avia-pro said. One Russian officer is presumed dead and two soldiers are injured.

“The soldiers of the Ansar At-Tawhid group fired their homemade Burkan missiles at what is believed to be the Russian Army position in the Kafr Nabal residential area. Then the rebels released a message in which they announced the death of Captain Daniil Zverev and two other soldiers Marat Medvedev and Duridaru Safin were injured, “Avia-pro posted.

The rebels later released photos of their missile launch, but information on the death of a Russian officer has not been confirmed, not excluding this as propaganda by terrorists.

However it is known that the Russian army is indeed present in the Kafr Nabal city area, which raises some concerns about this issue, especially after the terrorists refused to maintain the ceasefire. shoot and attack more and more frequently positions of the Russian and Syrian Army.

Is Ankara related to the crime scene of Russian soldiers?
The rebels’ homemade Burkan missiles attack positions of the Russian Army

In the latest development, Turkey allegedly took part in the attack as its drones conducted guidance for militant missiles aimed at positions of Russian servicemen.

According to open sources, by the time the missile hit the Russian Army’s position in the city of Kafr Nabal, the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone had been flying around the city for a long time. Russian media believe that it was this vehicle that guided the weapons of the militants, and then exercised control over the destruction of the targets.

The Russian side has yet to issue an official statement on casualties to its soldiers, but given the fact that Ankara favors jihadists and some terrorist groups, this could lead to very troubles. serious for President Erdogan in the Arab republic.

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