Animal 5D, AR app for animals, made in Vietnam
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Animal 5D, AR app for animals, made in Vietnam

Animal 5D is an AR app for animals developed by Tran Quoc Quang, currently an independent iOS developer. This application has the ability to display a realistic, vivid animal associated with real-life environments. This app allows you to zoom in, zoom out, move animals and add more animals at the same time without having to buy tokens.

The simulation animals in the application can perform many different actions such as running, swimming, flying …

Animal 5D supports users to take photos or record video experiences with animals in the application with high quality.

This Animal 5D application supports Vietnamese, making it easy for users to use.

Animal 5D has a collection of over 100 different animals to help children have a better understanding of the animal world.

According to Tran Quoc Quang’s sharing, this interesting application was developed by him after he downloaded an AR application to animals named Animal 4D + for his children to play. But because the Animal 4D + application has a restriction that users have to buy animal cards or have a second screen to display images from another device and after installing the device is very slow, Mr. Quang decided. Make your own complete app that can take photos and record videos.

Quang takes about 2 months to complete this application.

Currently Animal 5D application is available on the App Store, you can download and experience the link below. This application is completely free.

  • Animal 5D

Here is a video introducing information and instructions for using the Animal 5D app, please follow along.

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