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Angry with the habit of resting his feet on the car seat

Hitting your feet on a chair is a taboo act, if not the owner of the car, it might be the last time you get someone to give you a lift.

Although the car market is accessible, families with their own cars are better than at least the people who can serve the needs of sun protection for the whole family. But having a car is not easy to use alone, so there are friends, relatives, relatives or neighbors asking for protection when there is a problem.

Of course, the car owner is still willing to happily drive away without a worker other than the cost of gasoline, bridges and roads and obviously it will not matter if the accompanying people put their feet straight on the seats, crossing their legs straight on the armrest or lean straight to the dashboard.

Sometimes there are people who are too carefree, do not bother to take off their socks, or just go to the toilet to get on the car to put their feet on the seat and smile like a flower because they sit in a favorite position but they know that the car owner is angry even cursed under his breath, “the lost thing”.

Many times, I myself drove to pick up new girls, looked better in real life than in the picture to go eat and drink normally until getting on the car, carelessly leaning my footstep on the dashboard to make a phone call stylish style. But my dear, that was the last time I sat in the car, beautiful and ungainly, I lost all my points, no one loved it.


But the most important is to transport some elderly doctors, their body parts and grandchildren sometimes unable to speak, so that they can sweeten the sweet man and go home and dip the towel with soap to clean it again. The family members still have a few brothers who run a service car more miserable, with the women reminded them, they dropped down and glared but there were many men who did not know where to laugh and then continued to watch, many of them “The money I hired, I have the right” so I don’t know how to lose it.

There were many men, many of whom sat on the back seat, sitting alone, but lying down, then took their feet to travel everywhere from the seats, armrests, door panels, or straightened their footprints on the window glass. Remind smartly, it is a few minutes and then back there.


With the people of the world still, and with the lover, from speaking. Reminded to be angry, im so upset that just keep watching the bridge, the manhole covers running fast, braking a few times to hit the chair, now she has to be good, clean eyes, with her parents hard to say a few words, explained thoroughly understand that, well people.

Hitchhiking, or renting a car, I am just a guest, not a car owner so I do not have to like what to do. The way you behave will greatly affect the driver. Driving comfortably, they will be enthusiastic, advise you on places to rest or experience along the way and if you are a hitchhiker, they will help you more enthusiastically or you will never be able to hitchhike again. That is also a way to respect yourself, respect others.


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