Andy Lau's first round of live broadcast has up to 32 million people online, and total revenue is estimated to be 50 million

Andy Lau’s first round of live broadcast has up to 32 million people online, and total revenue is estimated to be 50 million

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Andy Lau has not yet returned to his home to celebrate the Lunar New Year with his family because he has more important film work that he needs to arrange.

The movie “The Crowd” he starred in will be released on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Before it was released, Hua Ge could be said to have been busy and never stopped.

On the evening of February 7th, the first round of live broadcast of Andy Lau himself was ushered in. This time, the live broadcast was also very popular as he opened an account. After Hua Tsai went online, in just over 10 minutes, his popularity has reached more than 10 million people watching online. .

You must know that this was only more than 10 minutes after he started broadcasting. Many other young friends expressed their love for Andy Lau and began to give Hua Ge gifts.

But gifts are not what Andy Lau likes. This time he started the live broadcast to talk to everyone about his experience of filming and talk about his personal life dynamics.

Andy Lau in a plaid sweater looks super-spirited, and he doesn’t look like an old artist who is about to 60 years old. He is in a very good state of mind, and he is very close to the people throughout the process, and he must answer questions when interacting with everyone.

When the host asked Andy Lau about his first live broadcast, if he wanted to send his best wishes to his first good friend, who would you choose? And Andy Lau said that it was too much trouble. When I got married before, I was afraid of missing friends, so I didn’t hold the wedding at all.

It was impossible to prevent missing friends, so Andy Lau did not hold a wedding, but simply celebrated with his family. Haha, it’s no wonder everyone says that the heavenly king Andy Lau became popular for no reason, he really considered everyone too much.

Of course, this time belongs to the first round of live broadcast of the king, and the popularity must be high. By the end of his live broadcast, the total popularity has reached more than 32 million people. During the period, friends kept sending Andy Lau super luxurious gifts.

Luxury yachts, carnival gifts, luxury villas, these are all brushed up on the list. During the period, Andy Lau also sang the song “Gong Xi Fa Cai” for everyone, sending everyone the best fortune song in the New Year.

He sang Gong Xi Fa Cai, and then he was 17 years old. At that time, Andy Lau saw that everyone was turning 17 on the barrage, so he sang 17 to everyone. It’s so sweet, it’s really hard not to love the king.

It is rumored that during the live broadcast, a mysterious local tyrant also directly brushed Andy Lau’s live broadcast room with 12 million yuan to become the number one on the list. It is exciting to think about it.

After the whole live broadcast, some netizens estimated that Andy Lau’s total revenue was almost 50 million. It has to be said that Andy Lau’s appeal is amazing, which also proves that everyone likes him.

Finally, I hope Andy Lau’s new movie “The Crowd” will sell well and the box office will be high. I also hope that he will return home as soon as possible to reunite with his baby daughter and wife and enjoy the New Year.


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