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Andy Lau set off a star-chasing frenzy, but the new film’s pre-sale box office was crushed by “Tang Detective 3”!

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Recently, Andy Lau, who has been popular for a lifetime, has been on fire again, not because of the box office explosion of “Bomb Disposal Expert 2,” but because of the opening of the world’s first social account, which once again set off a wave of star chasing.

Since the account was opened, Andy Lau’s fans have soared wildly. Up to now, the number of fans has exceeded 54 million, and he is indeed a superstar.

Recently, Andy Lau has begun to promote his new film “The Crowd”, which is scheduled to be released during the 2021 Spring Festival.

Andy Lau not only released a number of short videos to promote the film, but also launched a live broadcast on February 7. This time, it set a new record and the number of live broadcast viewers exceeded 32 million.

During the live broadcast, Andy Lau has been working hard to promote “Crowd Crowd” and bring goods crazy, but unfortunately, the pre-sale box office of “Crowd Crowd” did not soar.

As of February 7, the total pre-sale box office of “The Crowd” starring Andy Lau, Xiao Yang, Wan Qian, etc. was 15.6 million yuan, of which 14.3 million yuan was the pre-sale box office on New Year’s Day.

In the Spring Festival of 2021, a total of 7 new films will be released, and the pre-sale box office of “The Crowd” is only ranked fifth, not only lost to “Chinatown Detective 3” directed by Chen Sicheng, but also lost to director Lu Yang “Assassination of the Novelist” directed by Jia Ling, “Hello, Li Huanying” directed by Jia Ling, and “Samurai Order” directed by Li Weiran.

The results of the pre-sales of “Rushing Crowds” were obviously not ideal. In the pre-sale stage, they only won the two animated films “New God List: Nezha Rebirth” and “Bear Infested Wild Continent”. In the live-action movie of the Spring Festival file, “The Crowd” pre-sales bottomed out.

The pre-sale box office was lower than expected. Of course, it was not Andy Lau’s problem. Andy Lau had already launched this film, and it was already fully publicized.

The crux of the problem should be that the new film “The Crowd” is adapted from the classic Japanese film “The Method of Stealing the Key”. This is a well-known high-scoring work, and many fans have seen this film.

At present, the best pre-sale result is “Detective Chinatown 3”. The pre-sale box office is about 350 million yuan, of which 260 million yuan has been sold on the first day of the new year, and the pre-sale box office of “Hello, Li Huanying” It is about 71 million yuan, and 31 million yuan for “Assassination of Novelists”. It can be seen that the gap in “The Crowd” is still quite large.

In the annual Spring Festival stalls, there will basically be a dark horse at the box office. Although “The Crowd” lost in the pre-sale stage, whether this work can achieve a counterattack, let us wait and see.



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