Android wants to popularize AR games? ams new 3D dToF solution released

Speaking of AR games, what do you think of is the recognition card game, or the game that made the dolls move when Huawei mate20 Pro was launched a few years ago? It is true that in recent years, AR games for mobile phones have gradually increased, but they are often criticized for low accuracy, poor interactive experience, and high power consumption. One of the important reasons is that there are fewer brands of mobile phones with AR functions. The above results in fewer users of this type of application, and developers cannot obtain sufficient data support, which results in slow iteration and poor user experience. And it is precisely because of the small number of users that game manufacturers often do not put too much energy into AR games. However, with the continuous breakthrough of upstream supply chain technology, AR games will usher in a breakthrough rise.

A few days ago, the optical sensing solution provider ams (hereinafter referred to as ams) released the industry’s first Android system rear-mounted 3D dToF solution online at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). The solution integrates ams’ 3D optical sensor and ArcSoft’s advanced middleware and software to realize real-time positioning and mapping (SLAM) and 3D image processing, with high performance, low power consumption, and high recognition accuracy. This solution allows manufacturers to implement augmented reality (AR) functions in mobile devices quickly and easily, and brings an excellent user experience to end users.

AR is very power-hungry? Never! ams is fundamentally solved!

The dToF solution released by ams can detect 1,200 depth points, with a detection distance of more than 10 meters indoors, and a detection distance of 5 meters even under strong outdoor light. The frame rate can reach up to 100 frames per second, and under a normal or specific environment of 30 frames per second, this set of solutions controls the power consumption below 300mW, which fully meets the demand for low power consumption of mobile phone products, and adds to the mobile phone The AR function provides unprecedented hardware options.

One-stop 3D dToF solution to minimize the integration workload of mobile device OEMs!

The latest 3D dToF solution of ams combines 3D optical sensing technology and ArcSoft software and other first-class technologies. It is a complete packaged dToF system that can be integrated with the Android operating environment to minimize OEM’s Workload. This solution uses high-power infrared vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays, dot-matrix optical systems, and high-sensitivity single-photon avalanche photodiode (SPAD) sensors, which greatly improves system efficiency; ArcSoft middleware is aimed at ams semiconductor optical sensors The characteristics of the system have been optimized, so that the pass has super strong anti-interference ability of ambient light, combined with the output of the RGB camera, the depth map is converted into an accurate scene reconstruction. ArcSoft software also combines 3D image output with the display screen of a mobile device to provide a more immersive augmented reality experience.

The latest 3D dToF solution launched by ams undoubtedly opens a new door for adding AR to mobile devices, which will bring more magical interactive and gaming experiences to almost all mobile phone users. Of course, in addition to being applied to AR, this solution can also be used in applications such as photo enhancement and 3D scanning.

After the release of ams’ latest product solutions, more Android manufacturers will undoubtedly see a more applicable VR implementation method. It is reported that the program plans to achieve mass production in November 2021 and reach a million-level production capacity. At the same time, this solution will be introduced into Android mobile phone products at the end of 2021. It is foreseeable that the release of ams 3D dToF products will drive an upsurge in the realization of VR functions on Android phones. By then, VR games will also follow the trend and quickly be enriched, and respond to users Experience, it can be said that a new era is coming…


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