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Android phones and tablets, iPads only

For me, the iPad is still the best tablet today, although I have used many Android and Windows tablets but I still cannot love it. This is why.

The iPad has software optimized for large screens, not Android

Many Android tablets do not fail because of hardware, Android makers still make usable tablets, such as Pixel C, or Galaxy Tab S3 in the past, but the number of Android apps is made as a nice interface to run. with a big screen is not much, especially small applications (large applications and many users like Evernote, Outlook already have, but the exception is the Facebook app is still not very happy).

The software here is not only an app, it is also the operating system and available components. Settings, notification area, fixed dock … I do not feel comfortable and easy as using iPad. Remember when in the past, when I could not afford to buy iPad 2, I would borrow some Android tablets to use but could not see, then I had to try to save money for enough to go to life. Android 9, Android 10 now no longer focus on the tablet anymore, Google itself is no longer interested in tablets, only companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huewei are still doing it.

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iPad is designed to be used as a tablet, Surface is not

The Surface Pro is made primarily for use as a laptop, which is why almost everyone who buys a Surface Pro buys a keyboard. To use as a true computer, the Surface Pro breaks the iPad Pro in every way, but to hold a tablet in hand to watch videos, watch the web, view photos, chat, surf the web. Surface grip is not comfortable. I have not yet held Surface Pro 7, to try it out to see it is better than iPad Pro.

Windows is currently making a lot of innovation efforts to make the operating system interface more touch-friendly. Compared to Windows 10 when it was first launched in 2015, there have been many improvements, especially the new Edge browser that promises a better software experience.

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But basically, Windows applications are not made for touch fingers, most software and apps are still made for mice and keyboards, so the tablet experience is still not good. This is more serious than an Android tablet.

iPad has convenient Face ID

Compared to the fingerprint sensor, Face ID is much more convenient. In the old days when the iPad was equipped with a fingerprint sensor, I didn't activate this feature, because every time I held the iPad, I had to stick my finger in it. But since 2018 when the iPad Pro has Face ID scanning, I turned on this security mode to use it, it was really nice. I even forgot that I had the device locked, because just pick up the phone and it unlocked extremely fast and can be used right away.

Android tablet is currently not available to do this, Surface, I have not tried the eye unlock yet, so I do not comment that it is worse or better than the iPad.

The quality of finishing is high compared to its price

At around 6 million, you can earn a regular iPad with a very solid build, easy to use, can be universal to almost everyone in the family. A machine is worth this money. As for the Android device, I can not find a machine good enough at this level, you know which one is suggested for me to try and see.

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Okay, that's my idea, what about you guys? You like iPad, Android tablet or Surface, please comment below.

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