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Android features can be learned from iOS 13

These are the features that some of the Android Authority friends think Android should learn under iOS 13 to bring a better and richer user experience.

Hide email when registering

Sign in with Apple is a new feature of iOS 13, it is a login button like the login button with Google or Facebook. However, the difference is that Sign in with Apple only shares your name and email to the 3rd party app, does not share everything about gender, date of birth, avatar … like Google or Facebook.

What's more, if you don't want to share real email, you can share it with a 3rd-party random email address created by Apple. Messages sent to this "virtual" address will be forwarded to your real email so you won't lose anything, and when you don't want to use it, delete the virtual address and you're done. It helps make sure that web and app can't share data with each other to identify you, because each email is different from each other.

This function is very desirable, but it is almost impossible for Google to have that happen because the company lives by your email, by linking you to different services and need identification for easy advertising. than

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Find My runs even when offline

One of the best features of iOS 13 is that Find My Phone can run even if your phone has been stolen and removed SIM (no Wi-Fi, no mobile network). It works by temporarily borrowing Apple devices around the thief, such as the iPhone or MacBook of passers-by, people sitting in cafes, in pawn shops … to locate lost machines and send the location back to you. In addition to iOS 13, the new macOS 10.15 also supports this feature.

This function is quite good and Android does not yet exist. If so, it will increase your chances of finding a device if you are stolen.

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Powerful, easy-to-use video editing tool

Google Photos and Android phone camera apps are very powerful in photo editing, which allows us to intervene many things and apply many effects. But when it comes to video, it's not as good as iOS 13, usually with only the clip cutting, rotating and the very best feature of adding digital anti-shake. Meanwhile, iOS 13's new Photos app has all the clips, rotations, even color effects for you to choose, the auto-improve function, and adjust the exposure parameters. This feature even works with 4K videos @ 60fps.

Noise reduction function

Low-light shooting situations will often result in a lot of grainy phenomenon, also called noise. iOS 13 has a function to reduce noise in app Photos so you can adjust it if the image results are not as expected. Of course, this noise reduction feature will only help in part, but if it is integrated into Google Photos or OEM photo editing apps, it will be more useful and we have less to download the app outside.

On the other hand, some devices like Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro or Google Pixel have extremely good night photography capabilities, so there's no need for this noise correction feature. : D something that not all phones have such good night photography capabilities.

Allow to block an app category after using too much

Last year Google and Apple both released Screen Time and Digital Wellbeing features to help you control your phone usage better and limit your head to the screen. Apple has a better feature that allows you to block the use of an app category, not just blocking individual apps.

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