Android: copy and paste messages on WhatsApp Messenger
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Android: copy and paste messages on WhatsApp Messenger

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The procedure for copying and pasting messages on WhatsApp is quite simple and you still have the function to forward messages to other contacts.

WhatsApp is a free instant messaging application. If you want to forward a received message without having to rewrite it, the Whatsapp has two features to easily transmit messages.

One is message forwarding (see how to do it here). Another is the copy paste, explained in that article.

How to copy and paste messages on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp on your Android device and join the conversation where is the message you want to copy. Click on it and hold for a few seconds to select it (it will turn blue). In the toolbar at the top, click the icon Copy (button with two sheets of paper overlapping):

Access the conversation in which you want to paste the copied message and press for a few seconds the field where the texts are typed. At that moment, the option will appear Necklace. All copied text will appear in the text field. Now just send the message on arrow icon:

Photo: © Christian Wiediger – Unsplash.

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