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Android 12 could make your smartphone’s user interface and apps more colorful

Newer versions of Android often include new customization options, and it looks like Android 12 is no exception. Apparently, the new version of Android will allow you to choose your own system color, which will apply to all apps and menus.

Indeed, according to information from 9to5Google, Android 12 will expand the areas where these custom themes can be applied. Until now, it was only possible to choose a light theme or a dark theme, as well as an accent color.

Google Pixel – Credit: Daniel Romero / Unsplash

So far, we have little information about Android 12. However, we recently summarized everything we know about the future operating system from Google. We can for example cite a restricted network mode, system updates by the Play Store or even a “Hibernation” mode for unused applications.

Android 12: it will be possible to customize the color of the default theme

According to 9To5Google, Android 12 will allow you to select a primary color as well as an accent color, as is already the case on Android 11. However, unlike the current version, it would be possible to choose from more colors, unlike current dark and light themes. To get a better idea of ​​the end result, 9to5Google created control panel illustrations with different colors.

Customizing system colors on Android 12 - 9to5Google
Customization of the system colors on Android 12 – Credit: 9to5Google

It looks like it won’t be possible to pick exactly what color you want, as Google wouldn’t allow smartphone makers to come up with a color scheme. However, the number of choices should be much more than it currently is.

Third-party applications would also be able to adapt to the new color of the system, a function for now very limited. Indeed, today, some apps only have a choice between a dark theme and a light theme. It may then be possible to use a real black theme rather than a dark theme to further increase the autonomy of smartphones equipped with AMOLED screens. Google seems to be heavily focused on background colors these days, as the US firm is reportedly planning to add a dark theme to its PC search engine as well.

Source : 9to5Google

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