Ancient costume Xiaohuadan "Yuan Shanshan"

Ancient costume Xiaohuadan “Yuan Shanshan”

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Everyone has seen the movie “Pancake Man”. Yuan Shanshan in the play left a deep impression on the audience. She has a unique tone, she is cute, simple, and a girl like a sister.

Yuan Shanshan was born in 1987. She was born in the 1980s. She has been exposed to rhythm since she was a child. Her parents also cultivated her in the field of art. Her parents’ hard work was not wasted, and she was admitted to her favorite college to study acting. She studies hard and hard.

Yuan Shanshan was born in 1987. She was born in the 1980s. She has been exposed to rhythm since she was a child. Her parents also cultivated her in the field of art. Her parents’ hard work was not wasted, and she was admitted to her favorite college to study acting. She studies hard and hard.

She can be regarded as a grassroots artist. Although she has studied acting formally, she has no resources in the entertainment circle. Everything is started from scratch. He himself said, “When I graduated, I was not as good as a dragon, because there was no crew for myself. Opportunity acts as a trap”.

When Yuan Shanshan graduated, she was like a piece of blank paper. Although she had plastic acting skills, no one knew her merits. With the company of her teacher, she ran more than 30 crews and only got two roles. It’s just a supporting role in a supporting role, just a passing “maid” role, which has to be introduced by the teacher. In this way, Yuan Shanshan’s acting career began.

In the first filmed dramas “Xiaoxiang Road No. 1” and “The Maid Under the Big House”, she played the role of the maid and constantly learned from the actors and celebrities in the crew. Her Chen Ken and the spirit of modest learning were seen by everyone. In his eyes, Yuan Shanshan ushered in a turning point in his interpretation.

The “Wild Duck” crew looked for an actor. She was recommended by the original crew to audition, but she didn’t expect the director to see her merits at a glance. She was cast as the second female number. In the play, she played a “college student just out of the ivory tower” “. This role seems to be set for her, because she is that person.

After finishing the filming of the play well, Yuan Shanshan learned a lot of experience, and her excellent qualities were also seen by people in the circle. After that, she starred in “Qin Xianglian” and played the female number one, which was the first time for her to act. As a female actress, there is still pressure, but she still did an excellent job shooting, and because of this work, Yuan Shanshan walked into the eyes of the audience.

Yuan Shanshan’s good classmate, good friend, and good boudoir Yang Mi was preparing to shoot “The Palace Lock Heart Jade”. Yuan Shanshan went to visit the class. Yang Mi asked her to play a small role, which made her classmate Yang Mi see the uniqueness of Yuan Shanshan. Yang Mi also did his best to recommend his classmate Yuan Shanshan.

Efforts will pay off, and you will be lucky if you work hard. Obviously this is right. Yuan Shanshan is in the film and television circle, through her own modest study and diligent hard work, her excellent quality is gradually recognized, Yuan Shanshan participates in “The King’s Woman” “, plays the role of Yu Ji. Yuan Shanshan, who was gradually accepted, ushered in his own peak, in the palace series TV series “Palace Lock Bead Curtain”, starring in the female number one, this drama brought Yuan Shanshan to the top.

Popularity, but Yuan Shanshan was not proud or complacent, but treated all this quietly and continued to perform works to reward the audience who liked her. Later, she signed a contract with Yu Zheng, who was called “Yu Ma”. Under the recommendation of Yuzheng’s team, Yuan Shanshan starred in a series of her own works, such as “A Happy Woman at Home”, “Half-Step Tianya”, “Furong Jin”, “City of Angels”, “Above the Clouds”, etc.

The dark horse in the movie “Pancake Man” turned out, and the slogan “Save the Unhappy” was spread. Yuan Shanshan in the play also burst into laughter along with “Pancake Man”. She has always been a sweet image, and she is also very flattering in comedy. like.

Yuan Shanshan, who has been fond of rhythm since he was a child, also released his own single “Stubborn” outside of work. The singing voice is very magnetic, and it is also a meaningful singing voice.

Acting and singing all play to her brilliance, and in the movie “So, I’m Married with Black Fan”, she used this energy more perfectly. She sang the theme song “I hate you” and the episode “You You are enough.

She is a small person in the circle debut, but also with her own efforts to get to the current results, Yuan Shanshan’s hard work and outstanding talents are recognized and accepted, and it is also very popular with the audience.

When the film industry was booming, she turned her energies to movies, and successively filmed “Crazy Lady”, “Lobster Detective” and “Sewing Machine Band”. In fact, Yuan Shanshan has a talent for comedy in his bones. In the competitive variety show “Comedy Story”, he partnered with “Song Xiaobao” in the competitive variety show “Comedy”, and presented many laughter stage sketches to the audience.

Yuan Shanshan is a very dedicated actor. She spends most of the year working in “Hengdian”. The rest of the time she has to participate in the recording of variety shows. She is so busy that she is so busy that she is too busy with her love. Regardless of it, she is still single. Although there are some scandals about her, she has not been recognized by her, and she now enjoys her current state.

Let’s take a look at her evaluation. “Liu Xuehua, a predecessor in film and television, praised Yuan Shanshan’s performance: “Shanshan has a great strength. She is natural and not deliberate. The biggest feeling Shanshan gave me was innocence, like a blank paper, really. Let me tell you, she is really a hard-working child.”

Yuan Shanshan has a sweet temperament and is known as the “Little Flower Girl in Ancient Costume”. She also brings the innocence of a girl and the sexy of a familiar young woman, both lively and naughty, yet gentle and restrained, calm and elegant. Yuan Shanshan works hard. She spends most of the year in Hengdian Film and Television City. For her, Hengdian is far more familiar to her than Beijing, and she is known as the desperate third mother.

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