Analyst: Should I buy an old Kia Optima car?

Analyst: Should I buy an old Kia Optima car?

As a competitor to Toyota Camry, Honda Accord … although there are many advantages, but the old Kia Optima still has many problems that make buyers wonder whether to buy the old Kia Optima.

Advantages of old Kia Optima

Although it has only been launched since 2010 and officially distributed since 2011, but according to Kia Optima (or Kia K5), this model has undergone many renovations to upgrade the quality and gives users a model car with many amenities. This has helped Kia Optima cars gradually get rid of the “Korean car” label and stand more firmly in the D-segment segment.

Young and dynamic design

Different from the somewhat “old” style of rivals, Toyota Camry, Kia Optima is designed to create very modern inspiration. From 2011 to 2014, according to user reviews, the old Kia Optima feels quite “Western” with light embossed lines to create the shapes and accents of the body. Combined with that is the car’s unique design, attracted by the tiger nose grille and fancy lights. Older models of Kia Optima 2015 are again considered by owners to be softer and more “Asian” due to the presence of thin curves and contours. However, overall, both design directions are user good evaluation of aesthetics.

Kia Optima 2016 car designKia Optima 2016 car design

Furniture is constantly being upgraded

With Kia Optima cars, the higher the model, the less the disadvantages in the interior compartment as the company constantly improves and completes this model. Right from the old Kia Optima 2014, the interior of Kia Optima has many similarities with Audi when equipped with the seat drying / cooling function – the function usually only available in the more expensive cars. .

Interior design of Kia Optima harmonizes sportiness and elegance. In addition, the presence of Panoramic sunroof makes the car more airy and brighter than competitors without sunroof. The facilities in the interior compartment are also diverse and useful. 2015 model of Optima has a series of technologies in the top segment of the segment such as: cruise control, smart start and some other features such as headlight wash, standby light when the engine is off …

Interior of Kia Optima 2016Interior of Kia Optima

Safety technology diversity

Kia Optima 2015 car life was assessed by IIHS for safety and achieved 5 stars according to ANCAP safety criteria. The car is equipped with up to 6 airbags around the car and has a lot of accompanying technologies such as BA emergency brake, electronic balance, slope departure, electronic balance, anti-lock braking and many other features. … These technologies have somewhat offset the disadvantages of old Kia Optima and increase the experience for the driver.

Optima cars are protected by 6 airbags around the carKia Optima is protected by 6 airbags around the car

Cons of old Kia Optima cars

Besides the strengths, of course the old Kia Optima still has some “minus points” that Kia company needs to continue to overcome in the new cars. Such as:

Some limitations in the exterior

Kia Optima’s exterior is also not very reasonable. First, the vehicle’s lighting modes are sometimes too “sensitive” and the conversion is constantly causing the driver’s vision to be affected when moving at night or walking in the city through continuously changing segments. In addition, the company has not removed a detail that users consider to be “ungainly” and affects aesthetics, which is the air intake in the front bumper.

Shortcomings in operating experience

In terms of performance of Kia Optima, the car before 2015 has three major shortcomings: the ability to accelerate, soundproof and save fuel. Both the 2.4-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged versions of the old Kia Optima before 2015 only met the requirements for gentle, flexible and stable operation. Optima’s acceleration is not really as impressive as other competitors in the same segment. Therefore, the force of the car is relatively poor, high latency and requires the driver to “watch” the time to proceed safely overtaking.

Optima engine compartment in 2.4L versionOptima engine compartment in 2.4L version

Fuel economy of the old Optima is also not impressive. The car is quite “consuming” gasoline, especially with the 2.4L version. The soundproofing ability of the vehicle in the doors is also not good, so the sound of wind and noise echoes into the cabin, especially when traveling at high speed or through bumpy roads. However, according to user feedback, some of these operational disadvantages have been overcome quite a lot from the old Kia Optima 2016 model.

Old Optima capable of acceleration is not really impressiveKia Optima has the ability to accelerate without really impressed

Should I buy an old Kia Optima car?

If you plan to buy an old Kia Optima car then surely you cannot ignore the advantages and disadvantages of Kia Optima that we have pointed out above. In fact, Kia Optima is a good quality old class D sedan at the price range of 600 – 800 million dong. This will be a pretty good car to operate in the city by high flexibility and light manipulation. If you expect more in your car for speeding and driving experience, you can consider choosing the old Kia Optima after 2016 or other Kia Optima rivals such as Mazda 6 or Honda Accord.

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