Analysis: Trump impeachment and Democratic calculations

Analysis: Trump impeachment and Democratic calculations

To impeach President Trump, what did Democrats calculate? Ordinary people can see that impeachment TT. Trump would end up in failure, for unable to convince 17 Republicans to vote in favor and because 45 senators voted for impeachment of Mr. Trump, a president who left office, is a violation of the law and the constitution. Even the Chief Justice of the Court refused to preside over the impeachment hearing, Senate President and US Vice President Kamala Harris both refused to chair, so why impeachment?

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As far as I can see, the calculation of the Democratic Party is like this. Because Mr. Trump had left office, the Democrats and the left suddenly lost their goals. 5 years, the hatred and attack of the former TT. Trump is the Democratic Party’s only cohesive power. As an opposition party, the Democrats want to ‘beat the table and beat the chairs’ anyway, anyway, they themselves do not take power and must not bear any responsibility: The rampant opium is the fault of the President. Trump; Unable to prevent epidemics, economic degradation caused by epidemics, the increasing number of deaths is due to TT. Trump; Inability to develop a vaccine, not to be vaccinated in time after a new vaccine has been developed is TT’s fault. Trump; The National Assembly building was attacked, riots took place everywhere, all by TT. Trump …

Now it’s fine. The opposition party has become the ruling party and has faced difficult realities. Mr. Biden, who accuses TT. Trump failed to stop the plague in the election campaign, after being president for a few days, again said that the epidemic could not be controlled and he could do nothing.

Therefore, if they continue to use Mr. Trump as their target and impeach him, the Democrats may turn their attention, so that people will not immediately pay attention to the actual problems and problems of the Biden administration. By solving practical problems will lead to divisions between the current government and the opposition, as well as divisions within the Democratic Party. The left has criticized Mr. Biden not enough to describe, the pro-communist side criticized Mr. Biden for deviating from the main road. Conservatives criticize Mr. Biden for turning his back on traditional US values. The intermediaries shook their heads and sighed because they were helpless.

The Democrat impeachment TT. Trump also aims to divide Republicans. The midterm elections will return in 2 years, and the presidential election will return in four years. Republicans not only need Trump supporters, but also broaden the range of supporters. Without Mr. Trump’s support, it would be difficult for Republicans to win the internal elections. Just relying on Mr. Trump, the victory and defeat of the two parties will be unpredictable in the duel. Dividing the Republican Party is the goal of the Democratic impeachment of TT. Trump. Of course Democrats will pay the price for this too. Since the Senate is busy impeaching Trump and the hearings, the appointment process for Mr. Biden’s cabinet and government officials will be delayed. But Democrats believe in this price. However, doing so may be like hitting your own leg with a rock.

Mr. Trump’s election may encourage Democratic voters to actively participate in the vote, but Mr. Biden is upholding the slogan of unity. Contrary to Mr. Trump, an outsider, Mr. Biden has been in politics for 50 years, he is the insider. TT. Trump is aggressive and disrupts the existing order and reorganizes. Biden’s coming to power is a good time for the alliance’s allies to return to the past. Mr. Trump did what he said, did what he promised his supporters. Mr. Biden is constantly changing.

However, all of this will shatter because of the impeachment of Mr. Trump. I believe the Democrats will vote in 100% support to impeach Mr. Trump. Although Mr. Biden did not openly support impeachment, he did not stop the impeachment process of House Speaker Pelosi, which is also an expression of attitude. As a new president and leader of the Democratic Party, if Mr. Biden comes out to prevent the House of Representatives from submitting impeachment papers to the Senate, Mrs. Pelosi must respect him too. But neither of them could hold the leftist forces back. Once they promised to impeach their sins, they had to stab at the javelin to follow.

During the impeachment hearing, Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris will definitely maintain indifference. On the one hand they will not bring up the issue, nor will they criticize the impeachment itself on the other. Solidarity image [mà ông Biden vẫn rêu rao] will disappear like this. If Mr. Trump is running for re-election four years from now, what can the Democratic candidate use to compare with Trump?

To be honest, Democrats should also understand that impeaching Trump is about kicking their feet, but they still have to do so. Because they believe that this rock will also hit the feet of the Republican Party, even more seriously. Why are the ruling elites rejected by voters? Because they themselves put disputes within the party above national interests. The impeachment of the president is not a joke.

The first impeachment of the US President took place in 1868, 79 years after the inauguration of the founding father of Washington. The second impeachment of the President took place in 1998, the impeachment of President Clinton. The gap between two impeachments of the president is 130 years.

And Mr. Trump was impeached twice, only 13 months apart. Two impeachments were passed in the House of Representatives hastily and the president was impeached without any chance of defense. This violates the basic principles of the US legal system. The purpose of impeachment is to remove the president before the end of his term, and impeachment of a president who has left office is the first in US history.

Not surprisingly, voters have turned the colonial elite into a swamp, the bureaucracy is abused, in order to wage party disputes. Not only impeachment, the Democrats also called for abolishing the electoral system, abolishing the lengthy system of debate of the Senate, increasing the judge of the Supreme Court. Even because of the speech made before attending politics, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was fired from the committee. Mr. Biden also signed the most executive orders as soon as he entered the White House.

In American democracy, there are provisions that limit power. Even the majority party cannot do anything they want. But now the Democrats control the White House and Democrats of the Senate and the House of Representatives, eliminating the systems of binding. Even the epidemic relief bill was not cooperated by the two sides. In the Senate, the voting ratio was 50:50, in the end, Vice President Harris voted for it. The essence of democracy is compromise. Why can power be transformed peacefully? Because of the clear and fair rules, the losers must also pay their respects. If the rules change, the losers don’t admit defeat and will seek revenge. From then on, there will be no peace in the Washington Marsh.

The constitutional crisis caused by the general election is not over yet, it has only just begun.

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