Analysis on the Excellent Difficulty System Design of “Pioneer”

The new equipment-driven shooting game “Pioneer” brought by People Can Fly Studio has a variety of difficulty designs, ranging from difficult to the sky to almost no challenge. In order to meet the needs of players to customize the game experience, the game also encourages players to play the highest game difficulty possible.

Just like the “Diablo 3” and “The Division” series, “Pioneer” also uses a level of difficulty system called “world level.” The higher the world level, the harder the enemy is to deal with, but the better the equipment dropped. And if you are promoted to the highest world level during the battle, then you can get some initial benefits when you start playing the endgame content. The complex world level system of “Pioneer” allowed me to challenge myself constantly and brought a wonderful game adventure.

What is the world class?

My journey in “Pioneer” started at world level 01. This difficulty level not only removes the enemy’s level, but also reduces the quality of the equipment I find in the game world. But the difficulty here is very simple, making me, a new pioneer, looks like a godly aid, and no enemy can match it.

After defeating various enemies at world level 01, I can gain world level experience. When the experience slot is full, it will automatically enter world level 02. The enemies here are still very easy to deal with, the equipment I got is still not very good, but it is more challenging than before. I won various battles and entered the higher difficulty levels of world level 03, 04 and so on.

Suddenly, the equipment I dropped became luxurious, and the enemy that I could pinch to death with one finger before, has now become a big threat. Every time I fight I can get one step closer to the next world level, but death will make me lose world level experience. I will not lower the world level due to death, but unless I become stronger or get more powerful equipment, I cannot further increase the difficulty.

In this way, “Pioneer” will become more and more difficult as I grow in the battle. But because the higher the world level, the better the equipment dropped, and the stronger I will become in battle. With sophisticated equipment and powerful skills, I can step up to the highest difficulty of the battle, world level 15. In this difficulty, the enemy will become particularly tricky, but the quality of dropped equipment will also be increased by 500%, and the drop rate of legendary equipment will also be increased by 425%.

If I don’t want to deal with such a difficult enemy, do I want to familiarize myself with the gameplay or accumulate armor weapons to suppress the enemy? I can also adjust the difficulty as I like. If I live better than death at world level 12, why not lower the difficulty to world level 09? The difficulty of the game will not be reduced too much, but it can still come through the plot or carry out side missions with moderate challenges.

Difficult and happy

I can lower the difficulty level at any time during the game campaign, but I didn’t do it until the final boss. This battle made me realize that my loss also has a limit. This limit is that in a 25-minute battle, 20 minutes have been killed by the boss.

But until this unfortunate boss battle, my entire “Pioneer” adventure was constantly advancing to higher levels of difficulty. Each new world level will allow me to further challenge my limits. Apart from a few rollovers, I haven’t encountered any level challenges.

At the highest difficulty, the game requires not only an insight into the game mechanics, but also the use of all available tools around me. In most games, I don’t even look at the production system before I reach the final game for fear of wasting precious resources on useless equipment. But in “Pioneer”, I have been making all kinds of things by myself since the middle of the battle, constantly eager to raise my limit. Towards the end of the battle, I even searched the Internet for a set of genres to improve attributes so that I could defeat more difficult enemies. And many games such as “Diablo 3” tell me that the equipment is useless until the late game.

After reaching a higher world level, the difficulty of this game is no longer a problem with my equipment and genre. Sometimes I’m so powerful that I can kill enemies of the current difficulty in seconds, and I won’t be killed in several battles. In the same difficulty of other games, I may die multiple times in a single battle, and I will not be able to pass the level until I have the position mode of all the enemies on my back.

And this is the beauty of the Pioneer world rating system: the game is never too difficult or too simple. When I smashed an enemy with one hand, the world level increased rapidly, and I was soon able to reach a more difficult level. On the other hand, if I am struggling in the game and cannot continue to advance to the world level, it would be wise to temporarily reduce the difficulty at the expense of equipment quality. Because the level of the world I live in is more challenging, every enemy I defeated has a lot of them that can drop some useful equipment.

The world rating system is like a guide provided by a good coach. “Pioneer” allows you to suffer from failure to achieve success with the tools needed, but it will never make you feel the despair of stuck. It is also gratifying to be able to lower the world level without losing too many challenges. Casual players can also easily pass the game with world level 05 difficulty.

The world level system allows each level in “Pioneer” to have a unique experience, as if the game experience is tailored to my skill level. If I want to challenge myself, I can also measure my own level by how fast the world ranks up. Under this system, I can customize the game experience I want according to my mood. Now I may have proven my ability and don’t want to reduce the difficulty by hitting the south wall with my head in the final boss battle; or perhaps I will not lower the world level and continue to bite the bullet and face the final boss. In any case, the power of choice is in my hands.

Translation: IbaHs
Editor: Tonkotsu Ramen
Source: Bonfire Camp


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