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Analysis of Lion, vision is strong but not so

In theory, Lion seems to be a great hero in dota. Hero has many disables, endless mana and ultimate that get stronger with each effective use. Really, it’s not too surprising that Lion has become popular among support and core players. Lion also happens to be one of the most despised heroes.

All heroes have their own strengths and weaknesses. The strongest heroes in Dota are the ones that everyone knows how to maximize their power and minimize their weaknesses, and Lion is no exception. Take Sven as an example. Even though the green stick “Superman” was introduced, the hero has yet to find a stable foothold in the past few months. We have to wait until the gamers know how to order the items properly, as well as how the talent should choose, we will experience the true power of Sven.


Let’s list the advantages and disadvantages of picking this hero


  • Very average index
  • Spell consumes a lot of mana
  • Paper blood
  • Poor maneuverability
  • Can’t clear up wave creeps to push or farm
  • Can be solo killed
  • Poor pushing ability
  • Ultimate has extremely long cooldown


  • Endless mana possibilities
  • There are good disables
  • Ultimate high burst damage
  • Many great talents
  • Can be very strong later

Looking through the list above, we immediately realize there are many headache problems with Lion. This hero needs stats but does not have the farming skills to gain those items. Lion is good at ganking but lacks the mobility to be effective. In Dota, surviving long enough to win fights and safe farming is important, but with a champion like lion, he doesn’t meet the two above requirements. Finally, the hero has an extremely powerful ultimate but is rarely used by the early game cooldown for too long.

Looking at the item which Lion uses the most, we can see a tendency to focus on overcoming the mobility of the hero. This is completely understandable due to the high mobility that not only helps Lion to promote disables but also hunts with ultimate. Maneuverability also means higher survival and players must know how to choose a good position to make an impact in the game. Nearly every popular item Lion has picked up is for survivability / maneuverability, and nothing more special.

There are several main items above in the post that want to focus on underrated items. Aghanim’s Scepter is the wish item of every Lion gamer, but its price makes it underused. Although expensive (up to 4200 gold), the cane solves a lot of problems at the same time and is probably the most important iem for Lion to increase if he wants to help this hero promote well. Not only does it increase your stats for higher survivability, cast more spells, but also turn Finger of Death into a real teamfight. It has the potential to be a real problem forcing the opponent to take precautions. Reducing the cooldown also means that you can either farm creep waves with this technique or bounce on opponents to see if they die as well as help increase the damage stack for the ability. The thing is, green sticks are definitely not the item you should buy first.

The Glimmer Cape is an extremely valuable item for Lion, but at an affordable price. In addition to increasing survivability, it allows Lion to stealthily approach while stealth, shortening the distance to stun or Hex. The new Glimmer cape also grants attack speed. Talent +70 Talent will become more valuable. This is the talent I want to emphasize to overcome the farm speed and the ability to put pressure on the tower.

We also can’t ignore the hot items in dota like Aether Lens, Blink Dagger and Force Staff, but Lion doesn’t really need all three. Lion has a decent cast range talent at level 15 and if you already have a lot of mobility, do you really need more cast range to blink Hex the opponent? Likewise, Aether Lens adds mana regeneration and more mana but with Mana Drain, mana regeneration is no longer an essential issue, not to mention the green club also adds a lot of mana to Lion.

Lion’s gameplay also needs to be drastically changed. For now, Lion has defaulted on its own role, but there should be certain tweaks to fit into the team more. Focusing on early stacking for Finger of Death and luring the opponent by becoming extremely ‘hit’ are the untapped Lion arrays. Items like Veil of Discord, Spirit Vessel or many aura items will definitely be suitable for this Lion game. Other survivability and withstand tools like Heaven’s Halberd, Bloodstone, Rod of Atos or Guardian Greaves could also pave the way for a new role.

Speaking of roles, to promote his great talents, Lion cannot be under-leveled, farm weak and die in every teamfight. I think Lion is definitely worth a try in the core role like mid or offlane. If you are a support, you can steer Lion strong later, like the hero Rubick, Phoenix or Warlock, it is better to focus on core from the start.

In the end, maybe Lion needs a rework or a little buff and Dota is also a game that requires players to find a solution for their favorite hero. So you can try it and find a way to help the hero adapt well to the game without the external influence from IceFrog.

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