An IRL treasure hunt that would hide a new Silent Hill?

Kojima fans have high blood pressure

It’s been a few days that the crypto-thing sphere has panicked on Twitter and Reddit around the promise of an announcement of a possible-possible-hypothetical-future Silent Hill allegedly made by Hideo Kojima. A project that has been the subject of many rumors, but those of the last few days are making a bit of a difference and proving to be particularly fun.

It is indeed a real treasure hunt that has been launched on the internet, in search of multiple clues that would confirm this new Silent Hill signed by Which. It all started with a tweet that was a little too transparent to be true (and since deleted):

Tweet Silent Hill

It starts with an S, it ends with an L… The players quickly got carried away, so much so that the author of the tweet, Blue Box Games Studios, had to quickly deny, indicating that no, his game, Abandonned, was not Silent Hill, and that the studio was not in contact with Hideo Kojima.

But too late, the machine was launched, and since then, a horde of fans passionate about coded messages search in anything and everything. clues which come to show that, if, Which is teasing the new Silent Hill.

And we must admit that if some theories are really far-fetched, some details are disturbing. Recall that all these mysteries revolve around a game that bears the provisional title of Abandoned, signed by a studio called Blue Box Games Studios, and developed by a certain Hasan Kahraman. Initials HK, like a certain superstar Japanese developer… Coincidence? Perhaps. But a Twitter user (@just_shav) noted that Hero was precisely the Turkish translation ofHideo, according to Google Translate! There, it starts to do a lot …

Comments to the Tweet in question indicate that the Google translation is incorrect. Our knowledge of both Japanese and Turkish is a little too limited to be able to have an opinion on it, but if it was really a translator’s error, it could also go in the direction of the theory of the Silent Hill : someone (a Japanese superstar developer, for example) would have had fun translating his name via Google to create a fictitious alter-ego…?

More troubling still, “Blue Box Games Studios does not appear to have any legal existence, as Twitter private investigators have noted. In any case, not as a “trademark”, as a quick search for legal deposit shows. These same Twitter private detectives also realized that the few studio employees on LinkedIn are using photos from databases. This is starting to make a lot of strange elements!

Blue Box Logo Silent Hill
The second is the exact negative of the first: some see it as an additional clue …

There are also many far more far-fetched “clues” that perhaps serve the cause more than anything else. Thus, picky observers have noticed that in the teaser of the game Abandonned, while we see a graffiti on a wall, a tree comes to mark “as-by-chance” the letters P and T

The only other game developed by Blue Box Games Studios is a mobile game, which today seems to be withdrawn from the PlayStore – if it has never appeared – entitled The Wisperer, and whose icon takes on the imprint of the hand that adorned Death Stranding’s marketing material, such as the PlayStation 4 featuring the game:

Some also see strange coincidences in certain dates, recognize the logo of PlayStation Studio in negative in the logo of Blue Box Games Studios, and other pseudo-links sometimes very very distant (the YouTube banner of Blue Box Games Studio is a photo of … Hills! (“Hills”, in English)…

Some disturbing elements therefore, drowned in the midst of theories to make the greatest conspirators jealous. So maybe Hideo Kojima is behind this global treasure hunt, or maybe some smart guy has sown things on the web to create some buzz? In the latter case, it is a real success!

In any case, a trailer promised by the people behind Blue Box Games Studios should tell us more, even reveal the pot aux roses… A trailer was scheduled for publication earlier this week, but was delayed to (for the moment) Friday, which gives you some time to participate in the puzzle hunt! The danger being that this treasure hunt may have been more thrilling than the game itself.

Come on, and one last little hint for the road: Hideo Kojima had already hid behind fake studios to announce Metal Gear Solid V and PT…


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