Image 1: Apple: an iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 at 400 € from March 2020?

an iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 at 400 € from March 2020?

The release of the iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9 is becoming more precise. The low-cost smartphone would be put into production next month to be officially presented at an exceptional Keynote in March. With a powerful device at a reasonable price, Apple could well make a remarkable comeback on the market for mid-range smartphones.

According to Bloomberg, the production ofiPhone SE 2 will be launched next month at factories in Hon Hai, Precision Industry, Pegadron Corp. and Wiston Corp .. LApple’s low-cost iPhone will be officially presented in March at a Outstanding keynote as for the launch of the iPhone SE in 2016. The firm has the effect of revealing its smartphones in June at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference or during its Keynote in September.

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Another clue suggests that the release of the iPhone 9 is imminent. Given the success of the iPhone 11, Apple asked TSMC to increase the production volume of the Share A13 Bionic. The firm thus wishes to benefit from a larger stock, and allow Foxconn to meet demand. But that’s not all, the A13 chip must also equip the iPhone SE 2, and if it really goes into production next month, TSMC must significantly increase its production rate.

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With the iPhone 9, Apple wants to impose itself on the mid-range

The launch ofiPhone 9 marks the return of Apple to the mid-range smartphone market since the retirement of the iPhone SE in 2018. By positioning itself in this segment, Apple will be in direct competition with the three Google Pixel 4a dedicated to this market. The Cupertino company could even cast a shadow over its competitors with a high-performance, inexpensive mobile phone available within two months. The smartphone will indeed be equipped with SoC A13 iPhone 11 with 3 GB RAM, a capacity of 64 to 128 GB storage for an estimated price around 400 euros. The success of the iPhone 9 already seems assured, it remains to be seen whether the model will not harm sales of future iPhone 12s.

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