An inventory of 101 gaming companies in Beijing

This article is based on an update of the 2018 Game Business Development Manual Beijing.

Some companies have been added or removed. Mainly the new game business of some large integrated companies, such as Byte and Kuaishou; emerging small and medium-sized manufacturers, such as Luo Zixiong’s Technology; and some unpopular companies. (Due to limited manpower, there is no way to exhaust all companies in Beijing and be 100% correct, welcome to add or correct in the comment area)

Updated office address and contact information. However, it should be noted that because some large companies have many offices, the office address and contact information are only one of them.

The qualitative classification of R&D and distribution is cancelled. Because nowadays a little capable publishing company is setting up its own R&D team (openly and secretly recruiting), and the R&D team has also begun to learn to operate and issue by itself. This simple and crude classification has become increasingly difficult to use.

01 Inter-bank games

The number of companies in Beijing is actually very large. Some companies engaged in building materials, water and electricity, education, automobiles, and media are all starting to do game publishing or research and development. Bytedance, Kuaishou, and iQiyi, these Internet companies are among them. representative.

Over time, these companies have already shown some results. The multi-line layout of Byte has pressured the overseas game “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Era”; several products reserved by Kuaishou have also begun to emerge. Although the results of “Three Kingdoms” is not impressive, it is a good start .

The SLG product “Battle Warship: Naval empire” of the Beijing R&D group of iQiyi Game Division also achieved good results: released in June 2017, with a turnover of more than 10 million in 3 months and 3 years. The accumulated registered users are close to 30 million, and the total revenue exceeds 250 million US dollars.

图注:Battle Warship: Naval empire

In fact, it is not new for Internet giants to inter-bank games. There are many failure cases long ago. But we will find that those failure cases usually have one thing in common, that is, they always use games as an accessory or auxiliary to their main products, such as Didi Taxi, or the early Ali. But now we will find that the big manufacturers seem to have found the right solution: set up an independent game division, spend money to form a team, and finally make money head-on with the quality of the game product itself.

02 Focus on overseas

Although there is no separate overseas classification, we can still see that there are particularly many companies on the list that focus on overseas markets. Approximately the music element of a Japanese company, doing “Idol Dream Festival” with the most authentic taste of the second dimension; Funplus has dominated the American market for many years with only “The King of Avalon” and “Musket Era”.

You Ai Interactive’s “Idle Girl”, Zhixingtong’s “Clash of Kings”, Dragon Fist Storm’s “Dream Link”, Shell Wood Software’s “War and Order”, Long Chuang Yuedong’s “Watching Dawn”, Jiang Yu This is the case for the interactive “Pocket Striker”.

In addition to these moderate to heavy games, there are also many overseas leisure and gambling companies. Tuya Mobile, Mobi Technology, Bole Technology, McGee Taiwen (Time and Space Fantasy), Hummingbird Yufei, Red Sea Unlimited Technology, and Chuangzhi Excellent Products all performed well.

You can count in the table below for yourself, how much the Beijing company accounts for.

Legend: You can count the number of Beijing companies

03 Playing chess

Competitive World, Online Tour, Lianzhong Games, 369 Interactive Entertainment, and Wingfeng Network all started from chess and cards, but it is inevitable to continue to live and change. Competitive World has launched two products, “Hot-Blood Street Basket” in cooperation with Chaoxi Guangnian, and “Dawn Heroes” independently developed, and will continue to invest in medium to heavy games in the future.

But it is undeniable that it is really difficult for chess and card companies to transform. Due to the sensitivity and particularity of the chess and card categories, as well as the high-cost investment in the early stages of transformation, it is difficult for small companies to do so. The competitive world can do this, still relying on the long-term best seller of “JJ Fighting the Landlord”.

Most people still choose to close the company and start over.

04 Traditional old brand

Old Beijing, old Beijing, Beijing does have several game companies with very old qualifications.

Needless to say, Perfect World, Changyou, and other seniors in the end-game era, “Perfect World”, “Zhu Xian”, and “Tian Long Ba Bu” have almost become the memories of a generation. Changyou’s main source of income in recent years is still the IP-related game products of “Dragon Babu”. Last year’s “Dream Link” of Longquan performed well in South Korea. It was launched from September 10 to mid-November. “Link” Hanbok flow has exceeded 100 million yuan. Perfect World has obviously invested more in research and development, and has produced several new works such as “New World of Gods and Demons” and “New Swordsman”. Most of them are self-researched and self-developed, and the rest of the research and development products are handed over to Tencent for distribution.

In addition, there are a group of companies in the stand-alone era of 2000 such as Zulong Entertainment, Pixel Software, Target Software, and Softstar Technology. “Freedom and Honor”, “Record of the Devil with Swords”, “Qin Shang”, “Three Kingdoms”, “Legend of the Sword and Fairy”, it is the appearance of these works that made it known as the golden age of China’s stand-alone machines around 2000.

With its strong R&D capabilities, Zulong has firmly established its foothold in the three stages of mobile games, web games and mobile games. There are representative works from almost every period. And now, Zulong has become the vanguard of Unreal 4 engine mobile games. There were three unreal releases of different types of products in “Dragon Fantasy”, “Under the Great Picture” and “Dream New World”.

In contrast, the transformation of Pixel’s online games is not optimistic, and “Sword 2” has become a historical setback for Liu Kun. “Lou Xiang Shan Hai” is their latest solution to the current Chinese game market. So far, the performance of the game is fairly good, and the user stickiness is also high.

The target software is completely gone, and no new works have been released for a long time. While Softstar is engaged in the IP licensing business, it still insists on doing stand-alone projects. This is something that several other teams in the same period failed to do. It is not easy.


In fact, there are many other companies that the Beijing company can say. For example, with the help of “Dream Simulated Warfare” and “The Return of Heaven and Earth Tribulation You City”, Zilong Mutual Entertainment, who is riding on the chess track, and relying on the sudden emergence of “Party Animals” Think Technology, holding the heroes of “War Double Pamish” and “Black Myth: Wukong” to entertain each other. The mobile game of the IP king, the Babel era of the Three Kingdoms, the network element Shengtang where the ancient swords and gods dance are blooming, and there is no new product for a long time. There are signs of falling behind…

I really want to go on one by one, I can still write a long time, but since this article aims to take stock of the overall situation of the Beijing game company, I won’t discuss it one by one. If you have anything you want to say, complain about, or correct errors or omissions in the article, please add them in the comment area.

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