An interesting New Year's Eve tradition in Taiwan

An interesting New Year’s Eve tradition in Taiwan

The people of Taiwan (China) celebrate the New Year of the Ox 2021 amid the well-controlled Covid-19 pandemic on this island. Therefore, everything is going as usual.

Taiwan News news agency outlines some popular traditions in Taiwan every Lunar New Year.

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Clean the house

Every Lunar New Year, families often clean everything in the house to welcome spring. Houses are swept, and second hand items that are not used are thrown away.

The meaning of this is to eliminate all messy and unlucky things in the past year to welcome the red fortune in the new year. This year alone, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, everything was cleaned up more carefully.

Red couplets

Old red matches around the house will be removed and replaced with new matches. These are sheets of paper, printed or handwritten, that carry spiritual messages or good luck poems for everyone in the house.

Family reunion

Every Lunar New Year, families gather together. Most of the children and grandchildren return home to grandparents and parents to celebrate the new year. They often go to celebrate Tet with their mothers on the 2nd.

Lucky money

A tradition that most people know is giving a red envelope with new notes inside.

Young children receive lucky money from their parents, grandparents and uncles to celebrate their age. The older children in the family also give red envelopes to the older relatives, to show respect and gratitude for the nurturing effort.

The lucky money amount is quite important, for example the amount containing the number 4 will be removed because it is believed to be related to the death.


Fireworks are present at most festivals in Taiwan, and the Chinese New Year is no exception.

It is an old custom that setting off firecrackers on Chinese New Year will drive away “Nian” monsters. Nowadays, people set off firecrackers to ward off evil spirits and bad luck to enter a lucky new year.

Family party

On New Year’s Eve, the family members usually have a traditional party.

The hearty meal is mainly prepared by women, consisting of dozens of dishes, some of which are family’s favorites, while others are traditional or symbolic for Tet.


The Lunar New Year is a time of mahjong. Playing mahjong is very popular every new year in Taiwan. After the New Year’s Eve dinner, many families will set the mahjong table, open a bottle of Taiwanese beer or a bottle of whiskey to sip and chat happily while playing.

New clothes red

In the first days of the year, many Taiwanese people like to wear new clothes. Children often wear bright red clothes, symbolizing good luck. Adults are more “restrained” in choosing their outfit colors, but many people wear brand-new underwear or red socks.

Do not break things

Most people try to avoid breaking things. This is especially important in Taiwan during Chinese New Year. Many people believe breaking things in the first days of the year is a harbinger of bad luck, loss or family breakdown in the rest of the year.

Do not use sharp objects, avoid negative speech

Some Taiwanese believe that using sharp objects such as knives and scissors will be bad luck during the Lunar New Year because they can cut luck.

Many people also try not to say vulgar or negative words, because they are supposed to bring unlucky events.

Thanh Hao

Malaysia eased restrictions on Covid-19 during Tet

Malaysia eased restrictions on Covid-19 during Tet

Malaysian officials on February 7 eased Covid-19 restrictions on a New Year reunion dinner just days after the announcement of restrictions to prevent the spread of corona virus.

Beijing issues digital money to boost Tet consumption

Beijing issues digital money to boost Tet consumption

Today (February 7), Beijing will issue 10 million yuan of digital currency to residents to boost consumption during the upcoming New Year.


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