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Amnestied by the US president, Huawei still launched HongMeng OS next to Mate 30

After more than a month of being blacklisted by the US government to limit US technology imports, last week, US President Donald Trump made a surprise statement to allow Huawei to continue buying American companies, even though There are still some other limitations.

While this means that Huawei can continue to use popular operating systems such as Android for its phones, this raises another question about the fate of HongMeng OS, the operating system run by Huawei itself. Developed in an effort to replace Android?

Image leaked on the back of Huawei Mate 30.

But a recent report from Huawei Central said that Huawei is inviting people to test their operating system on new devices, possibly Huawei Mate 30. According to the source, the company is planning to broadcast running HongMeng OS next to the Mate 30.

According to previous rumors, Huawei plans to launch Mate 30s, including the Mate 30 Pro in October or November. The official launch date has yet to be revealed.

This shows that, despite being announced by President Donald Trump to loosen up business with US companies, Huawei is still promoting its own operating system on mobile devices. Earlier, sources indicated that Huawei had registered the HongMeng OS trademark in 9 different countries, not to mention the European market.

The launch of HongMeng OS is not only noticeable in the context of the US president's more relaxed hands on this company, but also because so far, there has not been much detailed information about the actual effectiveness of this operating system. .

In addition, the Mate 30 will be Huawei's second flagship launch this year, not to mention the phone folded Mate X, which belongs to a completely different segment. Therefore, the launch with a new operating system will make this device more attention.

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