Americans still think that President Trump is good at handling economic and employment difficulties

Americans still think that President Trump is good at handling economic and employment difficulties

The US economy may be in the deepest decline since the 2008-2009 Great Depression, but Americans still think President Donald Trump is better at handling economic issues than the Party’s nominated candidate. Democracy, Mr. Joe Biden.

US President Donald Trump speaks at the daily press conference on the situation against Wuhan corona virus (Youtube)

According to a recent Wall Street Journal / NBC News survey, US voters chose President Trump over candidate Biden when asked who is the best at stopping unemployment and getting Americans back to work, 48% chose Mr. Trump, 35% chose Mr. Biden.

In terms of handling the economy as a whole, President Trump also received more voter confidence than Biden, 48% versus 37%.

The Wuhan corona virus pandemic wreaked havoc on the US economy, causing unemployment as high as the post-World War II period and shrinking the economy significantly.

Facing such a gloomy economy, only 5% of voters rated the US economy as “perfect”, down from 18% in the survey at the end of 2019. Meanwhile, the rate of assessing the economy “good” also dropped from 35% in December 2009 to 17%.

The rate of assessing the US economy as “poor” has increased to 45%, from 14% at the end of last year. Those who rated the “normal” economy remained stable at around 30%.

Trump’s approval rating for June was 45%, down 1% from April, but still 1% higher than the December 2019 survey. Those who strongly endorsed the work Mr. Trump was doing accounted for 31%, down 3% compared to the end of last year, while the moderate approval rate increased 3% to 14%. The strong opposition rate of Mr. Trump’s work is 47%, an increase of 3% compared to the end of 2019.

40% of Americans say they have a positive affection for Mr. Trump, while 37% of Americans say they have a positive affection for Mr. Biden.

However, in a direct confrontation survey between the two presidential candidates, when asked if the election was held today who would you vote for, Mr. Biden won Mr. Trump by 7% (49% compared to 42%).

Mr. Trump even lost to Biden 14% in a recent CNN survey. Democratic candidates are 55%, while Trump is 41%. Last month, Mr. Biden led Mr. Trump only 5% (51% compared to 46%).

According to RealClearPolitics, Biden has averaged 7.8% of the pre-election polls since last year.

In a CNN survey, 42% of voters said issues related to racial discrimination were extremely important to their vote decision in the November election, a little higher. compared to 40% for economics, 39% for health care, and 31% for corona virus disease.

According to a CNN survey, 63% of voters say Biden handles racism better than President Trump. The number of people who choose Mr. Trump to address racism better than Mr. Biden is only 31%. In dealing with the corona virus disease, Mr. Biden also surpassed Mr. Trump by 14 percentage points.

The common point between the CNN survey and the Wall Street Journal / NBC News survey is that US voters rated Trump as better at handling economic issues than Mr. Biden. Mr. Trump surpassed Biden by 5% in economic problem solving according to a CNN survey, and exceeded 11% by a Wall Street Journal / NBC News survey.

In response to CNN’s survey results, Mr. Trump called the news agency’s polls as if they were news.

The CNN surveys are Pretending to be their News. The figures are similar, and as bad as the time of confrontation with Hillary Eel. Democrats will destroy America!Trump wrote on Twitter on June 8.

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