Americans divided, worried about riot the day Mr. Biden took office

Americans divided, worried about riot the day Mr. Biden took office

(News 24h) – Mr. Trump was turned away from business people while many supporters made a riot appointment on the day of Mr. Biden’s inauguration.

After the January 6 riot at the US Congress Building, on social media, current President Donald Trump supporter has called for protests on the day Joe Biden took office on January 20. .

The American people split re, worrying about how soon Biden was happy
Supporters of President Donald Trump broke through the police fence on Jan. 6 at Captiol Palace. Photo: CNN

According to CNN, social media appeared filled with violent calls like “Trump or war. Today. It’s that simple ”or“ If you don’t know how to shoot: You need to learn. Right now ”or“ We are going to break into government buildings, kill police, kill security personnel, kill federal employees and agents, and demand a recount ”.

“Mr. Trump will be sworn in for a second term on January 20. We cannot let the extreme left win, even if the capital must be burned down. Tomorrow we will regain Washington DC and regain the country, ”said a comment on the online forum that supported President Trump on January 7.

Expert Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of security surveillance organization Anti-Defamation League, said that they are actively monitoring these messages and calls to prepare dangerous scenarios for January 20. .

“We are following the messages and calls from the white elite groups, the extremists on the right, they feel encouraged,” said Jonathan.

John Scott-Railton, senior security surveillance researcher at the University of Toronto (Canada), says he is extremely concerned about the safety of the inauguration.

“While the public is in awe of what happened on January 6 at the Capitol, there will inevitably be a right-wing group seeing what happened as a success,” Scott-Railton told CNN.

Contrary to the accusations of Donald Trump’s supporters, many Americans believe it is Democrats who are the culprits of the riots.

Political campaigner Ali Alexander, who organized protests in support of Trump, included the one that led to the January 6 riots accusing “the leftist group was trying to push us to war”.

Mr. Trump lost a lot of things including credibility

Many American billionaires who once supported Trump are now quiet, others condemning the acts of inciting violence at the National Assembly building of the Trump support group on January 6.

According to Bloomberg, very few billionaires willing to continue to stand side by side with the president they had raised millions of dollars in the previous campaign.

“I’m sorry, I’m not free right now,” replied venture capitalist Peter Thiel when asked about the president. “No thanks,” said Thomas Peterffy, who controls the Interactive Brokers Group. Billionaire Richard LeFrak, a New York real estate mogul, also refused to answer the press when asked about a related topic.

Only a handful of the roughly 20 billionaires who ever sponsored Trump were contacted by Bloomberg to leave feedback. Most of them are silent. Even, no billionaires accept public interviews.

According to Bloomberg, the world’s extremely wealthy business people tend to support politics through financial contributions rather than words. However, the spreading silence of billionaires at the chaotic end of the presidency has caused a stir around the globe.

Still other billionaires have criticized. According to Forbes, billionaire Michael Bloomberg – who owns a fortune of up to 54.9 billion USD – criticizes the riots as a “stain in the history of the country”. Many other billionaires also condemned the riot and called for a peaceful process of power.

Trump’s supporters have also voiced their opposition to the violence. Billionaire Stephen Schwarzman, founder and CEO of the Blackstone investment group, is a longtime Trump supporter. Mr. Schwarzman served on the president’s short-term business advisory board. But when commenting on the riots on January 6, CEO Blackstones said: “The rebellion after President Trump’s comment is a terror and an insult to the democratic values ​​that America. love”.

“I was shocked and surprised by this group’s conspiracy to undermine the Constitution,” continued the billionaire. He also expressed that the election took place very transparently and requires a peaceful transfer of power.

The American people split re, worrying about how soon Biden was happy
Mr. Trump has lost a lot of support for business people.

Mr. Ronald Lauder, President of Estee Lauder Cosmetics Group, was once a veteran supporter of President Trump and other Republican candidates. Now, he said: “I strongly condemn thugs and criminals, representatives of the worst sectors of society for plotting to sabotage the National Assembly building, along with those who incite and abetting the violence “.

The National Producers Association, represented by CEO Jay Timmons, even called on Vice President Mike Pence to consider invoking the 25th Amendment to expel the president from office before his time. Official power transfer time on January 20 is coming.

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