"American warships in the Black Sea cannot threaten the Russian fleet"

"American warships in the Black Sea cannot threaten the Russian fleet"

According to the Russian press, the two leaders discussed the crisis in Ukraine, issues in Libya and Syria, as well as the supply of Russian vaccines to Turkey.

President Putin explained to Erdogan the ways to escape the Ukraine crisis and stressed the importance of preserving the Montreux Convention, which regulates the passage of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles by ships of non-maritime states. Black.

Before the developments, political observer Maxim Agarkov in an interview with Journalistic Pravda said which topic became the focus of the conversation between the two leaders.

“I suspect that Putin is not very interested in Erdogan’s opinion on the Ukraine conflict. The Turkish President is not able to react quickly to events in Donbass “.

“The entry of US warships into the Black Sea does not pose any problems for the Russian fleet. To some it may seem like the Black Sea is quite large, but in fact it is a very small puddle that can fire missiles. through the length, it does not matter whether to add or remove a vessel “.

“It would be pointless to discuss with the Turkish leader the ban on US warships entering the Black Sea, because Erdogan will demand real concessions for this,” said Agarkov.

Russian experts say that adding or removing a US warship in the Black Sea is not so important for Russia

Most likely the main topic of the conversation was Syria and Libya, where Erdogan’s positions were stronger and sharper than the conflict of interest.

In Syria, for many months, pro-Turkish forces are actively promoting armed activities, there have been many skirmishes with the participation of Russian troops.

“You need to understand that all parties involved in Syria have a reason. Syria itself is not interested in anyone, the focus of attention is oil assets. It is a lot of money. In Libya, too. So, I think the discussion and clarification of the positions of these countries has become the central topic of the conversation “, Mr. Agarkov concluded.

“As for the Ukrainian conflict, Turkey is not a subject, just as the US and the EU cannot be the protagonist of the event for geographical and logistical reasons,” concluded Agarkov. .

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