Eddie Gallagher and his wife Andrea Gallagher left the court at the San Diego naval base after the February 7 hearing. Photo: Reuters.

American task force was demoted for posing with the corpse

AmericaFormer SEAL task force Edward Gallagher was downgraded from sergeant to sergeant by taking pictures with the body of an IS rebel in 2017.

"The decision was made by the US Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Gilday after careful scrutiny of the trial and leniency request from Gallagher's lawyer," according to a statement provided by a spokeswoman for Gilday. grant.

Gallagher lost $ 200,000 in his pension fund after being demoted. According to US naval law, Gallagher could be demoted to the lowest rank for a long term, but Admiral Gilday did not make that decision.

Edward Gallagher and his wife Andrea Gallagher left the court at the San Diego naval base after the February 7 trial. Image: Reuters.

Gallagher was arrested in September 2018 for allegedly stabbing an IS gunman in Mosul, Iraq in 2017 when the militants were taken prisoner and treated by SEAL task forces. The task force also poses with the body of this IS rebel to take photos.

Several teammates accuse Gallagher of this behavior, calling him a "cheeky and bloodthirsty man", who also said he shot a girl and an old man and threatened to kill them if reporting this action. with superior.

During the July trial, Gallagher received a four-month prison sentence and fined more than $ 10,700 for four months for taking photos of IS rebel bodies. Gallagher did not have to go to jail because he was jailed for nine months before the trial.

US President Donald Trump intervened for Gallagher's release and congratulated the task force after being acquitted of murder. The representative of the law firm defending Gallagher said the case had many loopholes when investigators and prosecutors violated the regulations when arresting Gallagher, and said that disgruntled members of the SEAL task force had made a plan to Gallagher lost his position.

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