American soldiers made unusual moves ahead of Biden's inauguration

American soldiers made unusual moves ahead of Biden’s inauguration

US media reported that 12 soldiers of the National Guard were removed from the ranks of defenders of the inauguration in Washington capital after the background check of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Linh My was forced to start the fight before admitting Biden
The National Guard on the Capitol. Photo: AP

AP said, out of the 12 soldiers mentioned above, 2 people have made extreme statements about the inauguration on January 20, the remaining 10 people are identified with suspicious behavior. It is not clear which units these 12 people belong to.

Although there was no specific direct threat to Joe Biden, two US officials said all 12 soldiers were found to “have ties to right-wing militia groups, or to post extreme views. online”.

Up to the present time, the Pentagon said that insiders have not been discovered in the security team of the inauguration. However, the FBI also warned of the possibility that members of right-wing groups were members of the National Guard.

What did Trump say before transferring power to the White House?

Before the handover of power in the White House, Mr. Donald Trump recorded a 20-minute video, saying hello to the American people. In the video, the 45th US President said: “This week, the new administration will take office. We wish them success in keeping America safe and prosperous. We give them our best wishes. And we hope they have good luck, too. “

Not only saying goodbye, Mr. Trump also said that the recent Capitol riots were a wrong act. “All Americans are horrified by the attack on the Capitol,” he said. Political violence is an attack on everything Americans treasure – this behavior can never be tolerated.

Linh My was forced to start the fight before admitting Biden
Mr. Trump promised a smooth transfer of power.

In addition, Mr. Trump also mentioned his achievements in a four-year term. “We fulfilled what we promised – and much more. I participated in the tough battles, the toughest battles, making the toughest choices – because you guys chose me. to do that, “Trump said.

Mr. Trump feels comfortable and energetic when he leaves the White House. He said everything was just the beginning: “I was prepared to hand over power to the new administration at noon on January 20, I want you to know that the movement we have started has just begun. Leaving this magnificent place with a heart of loyalty, joy, optimism and absolute conviction, that good things will happen to our country and our children.

It is known that on January 20 local time, Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony will be conducted. Mr. Trump has announced that he will not participate in the event. He plans to leave the White House for the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on the morning of January 20.

Just before leaving the White House, on January 19, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order directing the Commerce Department to restrict or ban the cloud computing products of foreign partners that use these products. for malicious network activity.

The content of the decree instructs the US Department of Commerce to draft regulations to restrict or prohibit foreign transactions using cloud computing products or services, if a foreign partner or agency uses them. for malicious cyber activities.

The ordinance will also require US Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) providers to verify the identities of foreigners with whom they do business and to keep certain records.

Mr. Trump could soon be impeached

The leader of the Republican majority in the US Senate openly blamed President Donald Trump for the deadly riots on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6. The move comes just as Republican MPs are pondering whether to impeach Trump on charges of impeachment “inciting riot” by the House of Representatives under the control of the upcoming Democrats. .

“The crowd is fed up with lies. The president and other powerful people incited them, trying to use fear and violence to stop a specific process of the first branch of government.” confederacy they do not like, “Mr. McConnell stressed.

The three newly-elected Democrats are expected to take the oath of office shortly after Biden’s inauguration, giving the party the same number of seats as Trump’s Republican party in the Senate. After taking the oath of office, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will officially help Democrats get one more seat, rising to become the party that holds a narrow majority of why this legislature.

The new Senate is scheduled to hold a trial of impeachment “inciting violence” against Trump shortly, as well as quickly ratifying the new president’s cabinet and possibly the worthwhile Covid-19 rescue bill. $ 1,900 billion proposed by Mr. Biden.

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