American farmers were surprised when planting seeds sent from China
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American farmers were surprised when planting seeds sent from China

A curious farmer in Arkansas planted a package of seeds that he received and was surprised that they grew so fast.

“We sow the seeds to see what will come,” said Doyle Crenshawn, a resident of Boonneville, a city in southwestern Arkansas, in late July.

The tree has orange flowers and big white results look like squash. “Every two weeks, I come and watch and fertilize. They go crazy,” Crenshawn said.

Strange seeds that Crenshawn received flower, fruit. Video: CBS

He planted two months before receiving a package of strange seeds sent from China, before US agricultural officials warned people not to plant.

“We fear these seeds could bring grass or invasive insects or some kind of plant disease into the United States,” said Scott Bray, an Arkansas agriculture official, who collected the plants. Crensawn cultivated on research.

People in 50 US states have all reported receiving strange, labeled seeds from China even if they did not order them. Some come in clear plastic bags, in standard size light gray or beige envelopes, with the jewelry logo on them.

“The package I received was sent from China and the caption was ‘studded earrings’. At first we thought it was weird,” Crenshaw said.

The US Department of Agriculture has identified 14 varieties of seeds in packages sent to the US population, including mustard, cabbage, water spinach and several herbs like mint, sage, rosemary, lavender and others like hibiscus and rose. The ministry is also working with the Department of Homeland Security to investigate seed packets.

It is not clear who sent these packages and for what purpose. US agricultural officials say this is a scam whereby sellers send recipients an item they did not order and then impersonate a ‘certified buyer’ to write a positive review of the product. yourself to increase sales.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Wenbin said on July 28 that China Post was working with US Postal Service, requesting to return packages to China for analysis and declaration of the address sticker on the made package. fake.

Hồng Hạnh (According to the CBS)


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