America will rejoin the United Nations Human Rights Council

America will rejoin the United Nations Human Rights Council

According to US officials, the Biden administration will announce this week about re-joining the United Nations Human Rights Council (UN) – the organization that former President Donald Trump withdrew from the United States nearly three years ago. The decision continues to be a reversal of Mr Biden’s Trump era policies.

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Officials say Secretary of State Antony Blinken and a senior US diplomat in Geneva will announce earlier this week that Washington will return to the UN Human Rights Council as observer and wait for the session to drop. votes to become a full member. The decision is expected to receive criticism from conservative lawmakers and many in the pro-Israel community.

Trump withdrew from the world’s main human rights agency in 2018, accusing it of treating Israel unfairly, and that many of its members are dictators. In addition, the Human Rights Council did not fully respond to the reforms requested by the US Ambassador to the United Nations at the time, Nikki Haley.

Autocrats and accused of serious human rights abuses in the Human Rights Council include China, Cuba, Eritrea, Russia and Venezuela.

However, the Biden Administration argues that Council reform is needed, and the best way to foster change is to “Engage in it principally”, According to a senior US official who did not disclose the identity (due to the lack of functions to publicly discuss the matter before it was announced).

This official said this is “An important forum for those who fight against tyranny and injustice worldwide” and US presence will “Make sure this country can fulfill that potential”.

Although the United States will only have a non-voting observer status in the Council until the end of 2021, officials say the Biden administration intends to replace one of the three full membership seats – currently run by Austria, Denmark. Circuit and Italian holdings – the word “group of Western Europe and other countries” will run for election later this year.

The General Assembly of the United Nations will give the final choice in a regular October vote to fill vacancies for a three-year term at this 47-member Council.

During his tenure, Mr. Trump pulled the United States out of a series of international organizations and agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran nuclear deal, the World Health Organization, the Educational and Cultural Organization. UN – UNESCO, and several arms control treaties. Mr. Trump also threatened to withdraw from the International Postal Union and frequently referred to withdraw from the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Since taking office last month, Mr. Joe Biden has brought the United States back into the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization, while signaling a renewed interest in the Iran deal as well as the UNESCO Organization. .

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