America wants to push Russia out of Libya

America wants to push Russia out of Libya

According to the right of the United States’ permanent representative to the United Nations – Mr. Richard Mills, both Turkey and Russia should soon proceed with the withdrawal of all troops from Libya.

During a meeting at the United Nations Security Council on January 28, Mr. Milss urged all involved parties to respect the end of all hostilities by October in Libya, which is the basis for progress. in the economics, political life and security of this North African nation.

At the same time in October, the Libyans themselves realized the need to withdraw all foreign forces from their country within three months. This deadline has passed, but the deal has yet to be made.

In this regard, the US representative to the United Nations once again urged Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates to respect the sovereignty of Libya and withdraw all of their armed forces. out of there.

“Under the ceasefire agreement in October, we urge Turkey and Russia to immediately proceed with the withdrawal of troops from this country,” he said. Mills spoke and was quoted by Turkish news agency Bianet.

My want to send Russia out of Libya
The national army of Libya is seen as an ally of Russia in the North African region

The parties to the confrontation in Libya on 23 October last year signed a ceasefire agreement between the Government of the National Treaty (GNA) led by Prime Minister Faiz Saraj and the Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Yuan. Commander Khalifa Haftar.

The United Nations has begun to hold a political dialogue, the purpose is to prepare the election in Libya this year 2021. Before the above developments, the Moscow side still insisted that they did not participate in the war in this North African country, but only the private Wagner mercenary units that were not managed by the Ministry of Defense.

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