America shows off intercepting 1 Iranian missile

America shows off intercepting 1 Iranian missile

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                        The US Army Central Command has just announced the number of Iranian missiles hitting the US base and the number of intercepted Tehran missiles.

This information was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as an anonymous official of the US Army Central Command said that a total of 11 Iranian missiles hit the target in a two-base raid in Iraq:

“At dawn on January 8, Iran launched 15 missiles. 10 hits hit Ain al-Asad air base near Baghdad, one shot at Irbil airport in the north and four had trouble flying. “.

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US base attacked.

The American defenses at Ain al-Asad and Irbil spotted the attack but did not understand why almost all Patriot batteries failed to fire when there was enough time to issue a warning. soldiers find shelter.

“The only success of the US defense in the task of intercepting Iranian missiles was to successfully shoot down a single bullet. However, it has not been determined whether it is Fateh-110 or any other missile,” the official said. the official said.

Currently the information on the damage of the US side is quite contradictory. Russian and Iranian media claim that, at Ayn al-Asad air base, many US military aircraft have been destroyed and damaged.

But there is no specific figure yet because the US is continuing to assess the impact of the Iranian missile attack on the aircraft in this base.

Meanwhile, information from Al Mayadeen TV Channel said: “A number of military aircraft were destroyed while parked on the runway of the air base.”

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) says more than 80 American soldiers have been killed and about 200 injured in IRGC-launched missile attacks against Ayn al-Asad base:

“According to accurate reports of our regional sources, at least 80 American soldiers were killed and 200 injured – and immediately removed from the base by helicopter.”

Despite the damage figures released by Russia and Iran, US President Donald Trump tweeted: “All is well, after a series of Iranian ballistic missile attacks. on two US bases and a coalition in Iraq “.

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