America punishes Iran and Syria by blocking the League of Legends game - Photo 1.

America punishes Iran and Syria by blocking the League of Legends game

According to the PC GamerThis is part of the recently released "additional sanctions" by US President Donald Trump. A series of players in Iran and Syria (an important Iranian ally) received a notice saying that these restrictions were "American laws and regulations". The developer of the legendary League of Legends, Riot Games, is based in the US.

An Iranian player posted a notice on the game's forum. The notice stated: "Due to US laws and regulations, players in your country cannot access the legendary Alliance at this time. The policy may change by the US government, so if and When that happens, we want you to come back to the game. "

This gamer thinks this is unfair when a morning of waking up suddenly reveals that the nation's IP has been blocked by the game. He also said that political issues between Iran and the United States should not affect gamers and civilians.

Players in the sanctioned area will see this prompt when they log in to the game.

Countries under US sanctions include Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. However, it seems that only Iranian and Syrian players are banned from playing games by the US. Of course, if you use a VPN to overcome hurdles, players can still experience the game, but with higher lag lag.

Riot has not yet made any statement on this issue. This is an unprecedented move.

"When countries have disputes, sanctions based on tariffs, trade and military conflict threats are quite common. But preventing civilians from accessing video games is a new approach, "the media said.

However before that another American gaming platform, Epic Game, banned North Korean and Iranian gamers from accessing it. Many other game platforms including Steam, Blizzard's, Origin of EA and Uplay by Ubisoft also have announcements in the user agreement about restricting the use of related products of countries or fish. People are banned by the US.

The US punishes Iran and Syria by blocking the League of Legends game - Photo 2.
America punishes Iran and Syria by blocking the League of Legends game - Photo 3.

In fact, US-based gaming platforms "install" announcements that will ban players at the request of the US government.

In the past, political conflicts affecting gamers were still quite popular, mainly through refusing to let these people apply for visas to go abroad to compete. Many years ago, nearly all Chinese e-sports athletes were denied Visa when they applied to go abroad to attend international tournaments. In 2018, Liu Zhihao (Zz1tai), a member of the RNG China Alliance Alliance team, was also rejected for "damaging national security."

At the Dota 2 Kuala Lumpur Major in November 2018, an Israeli national player was denied a visa by the Malaysian government. North American manager Dota 2 Evil Geniuses (EG) also ridiculed the Palestinian SumaiL gamer, saying: "If Trump puts Palestine on the embargo list, SumaiL's career will end."

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