The Asian woman was repeatedly kicked in the head

America lost its image because of the wave of hatred for Asians

Public opinion raged after Vilma Kari, a Filipino woman, was brutally attacked in the US, a country admired for its openness.

Philippine politicians, including Vice President Leni Robredo, and boxing legend Manny Pacquiao quickly spoke up after a video of Vilma Kari was unjustifiably attacked in the streets of New York.

In the attack, homeless man Brandon Elliot shouted: “You don’t belong here!”, Before kicking and repeatedly kicking the 65-year-old woman in the head in New York, USA, today 3.

Vice President Robredo called the attack “a horrifying event”, while Pacquiao posted a poster online with the caption: “Stop attacking Asians who cannot defend themselves. Fight me”.

The incident is part of a recent series of incidents of violence against Asian people across the United States. Hatred crime here declined last year, but Asian hatred reported to police increased by nearly 150 percent in 16 of America’s largest cities, according to the Hate Research Center and Extremism belongs to California State University (CSU).

Not only is it of domestic concern, racism is reflected across Asia through social media, and considered the best example of work America does not adhere to the lofty ideals they often promote abroad.

Vilma Kari, a Filipino woman, was attacked on the streets of New York, USA, on March 29. Video:Twitter / CeFaan Kim

Before the Kari assault, a catastrophic shooting occurred in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, killing 8 people, including 6 Asian women. The incident sparked large-scale protests, calling for an end to violence against Asian Americans.

After reading the news about the Atlanta shooting, Jang Ho-kyeong, a 26-year-old South Korean who studied in the US, feels sad and angry, but not surprised. Jang has noticed that tensions have steadily increased since last year, when former President Donald Trump began blaming Beijing for the Covid-19 pandemic, promoting anti-China sentiment and pursuing anti-water policies. this.

However, reality shows that Trump’s legacy is not limited only to US-China relations or under his tenure. After Joe Biden took office, cases of hate crimes against Asians did not decrease, but the trend became even more apparent.

“I think now more and more people are saying that America is no longer an admirable modern country. When I was in America, I had to face racism everywhere. I never felt affected. threatened physical violence, but maybe because I am an adult male, different from the female friends around, “Jang said.

After the Atlanta shooting, a March 23 editorial in the Korean newspaper Maeil Business questioned America’s global leadership, especially its criticism of the human rights situation in Trang. Fairy, China, Myanmar. “Before we can acknowledge the sincerity of American foreign policy, they must work harder to prevent domestic hate crime,” the newspaper said.

China does not seem to miss an opportunity to criticize the US. Earlier in March, the media of this country widely spread a video of a 76-year-old woman in San Francisco speaking Cantonese, her eyes bruised by an unjustified attacker on the street. The old lady used a log to fight back, causing the attacker to be hospitalized.

The attacker was beaten to hospital by an Asian woman

The Asian-American grandmother used a cane to fight back against the attacker in San Francisco. Video: Twitter / Dennis O’Donnell.

“In fact, the brutal racism is just the tip of the iceberg about America’s mess in the protection of human rights,” the Chinese state news agency Xinhua said, even referring to the US’s mistreatment of indigenous Indians, African slaves and Chinese labor in the past.

Racism is mainly considered a domestic phenomenon, but experts have found that hate crimes in the US are strongly correlated with international events. An increase in hatred towards specific ethnic groups often comes about after events abroad.

Brian Levin, director of the research center at CSU, said as noted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over the past decade, the hate crime against Asians occurred most in July 2018, in the midst of straight to the US-China trade war, and in February 2014, when the United Nations released a report listing allegations of human rights abuses by North Korea.

Many Asian Americans blamed Trump for the recent surge of hatred. Kaiser Kuo, editor of the SupChina media outlet in the US, also points to the parallels between America’s anger at the rise of China and the worries of white Americans.

“They feel about to lose their privilege, as white Americans are increasingly threatened by the emergence of a largely non-white population. They are acting irrationally with blind anger.” Commented Kuo.

Andrew Nathan, a professor of Chinese politics at Columbia University, agrees that the rise of China makes Americans shy. However, he points out that some politicians “are exaggerating this by saying that China is threatening American livelihoods”.

“They did it for domestic political purposes, to get support from angry voters. I think they are dangerously inflating the China problem,” said Nathan, citing examples. like Trump, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, or Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri.

“It makes sense that the Chinese government mishandled the Chinese government in the early stages of the pandemic and that the information is not transparent. We can criticize Chinese officials for that, but we cannot blame the people of the country. Half a million Americans died of Covid-19 as Trump’s fault, not China, “added the professor.

Crowds of protesters raised the slogan Stop Hating Asians in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on March 20.  Photo: Reuters.

Crowds of protesters raised the slogan “Stop hate for Asians” in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on March 20. Image: Reuters.

Although the Biden administration is looking to draw a new roadmap on racial issues, the wave of Asian hatred is seen to be hard to contain. The US President’s Democrats are under pressure to toughen up against China, so “Republicans will inevitably turn to policy with Beijing as a potential Biden weakness,” said Robert Ross, professor of politics. at Boston University, said. However, he argues that this does not mean that politicians should ignore problems about China.

The trouble with the Biden administration lies in that A wave of Asian American hatred emerged at a time when they were looking to rebuild their reputation and image In Asia, the region is becoming the focus of American foreign policy, which embraces universal values ​​of democracy and human rights.

This line is demonstrated by the US and other Western countries accusing China of mistreating Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. However, the Chinese government responded by arguing about American “hypocrisy” behavior.

“Instead of examining its horrible human rights abuses, the US government continues to irresponsibly comment on the human rights situation in other countries, exposing dual standards and hypocrisy in the matter. “This,” the Chinese government’s report on Human Rights Abuses in the US released in March contains paragraphs.

“It is irony for the US’s ability to advocate for global human rights,” said Aynne Kokas, professor of media studies specializing in US-China relations at the University of Virginia. Meanwhile, Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch, rated the US “never fully adhere to the ideals they set forth”.

“Trump just made it more obvious and known,” Adams said.

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