America is violent again: California roll

America is violent again: California roll

Fox5 television channel on January 10 (US time) reported that violence between supporters and opponents of the incumbent US President Donald Trump happened in the city of San Diego, California.

Where is the country of America: California name
Violence between the Antifa group and those who oppose President Trump. Photo: LA Times

Accordingly, supporters of President Trump marched on January 10 in the dock area of ​​the city of San Diego.

Previously, opposition activists were present in this area and there were conflicts between the two sides.

The KSWB-TV channel tweeted videos of protesting protesters, most of them dressed in black and waving flags of the Antifa group, throwing folding chairs and spraying chemical stimulants at a smaller group joining the march. walkway at the beach.

San Diego police have declared the protest illegal due to the violent acts, and taken necessary measures to separate the two sides. Dozens of officers dressed in anti-riot attire attempted to separate the two groups, and demanded that if they refused to disband, they could be escorted or arrested.

Where is the country of America: California name
Police wearing anti-riot clothes “went out” to separate the protesters. LA Times

On Twitter, the San Diego Police Department said: “All groups have left the area. We always facilitate peaceful protests. However, we will not tolerate any acts of violence “.

The violence is expected to continue until Joe Biden officially becomes President on January 20.

Even on Mr. Biden’s inauguration, violence is still at risk and security forces are stepping up to protect January 20 smoothly.

Information from the Sputnik news agency extracted from a detailed record of the meeting between US Secretary of Defense Ryan McCarthy and Congressman Jason Crow on January 10 shows that, dozens of terrorist attacks on January 20. The Pentagon knows violence could flare up again in Washington before the inauguration day of US President Joe Biden and is actively preparing security measures.

Secretary McCarthy pointed out, the Department of Defense knows the threat of terrorism before, during and after the inauguration day, especially after the riots in the US Congress.

According to McCarthy, up to this point, at least 25 domestic terrorist incidents have been found in connection with the Capitol attack. “A lot of equipment such as rifles, homemade Molotov gas bombs, explosive devices … were discovered by the authorities”.

The Pentagon is coordinating with local and federal law enforcement forces to coordinate security preparations – the US Secretary of Defense confirmed.

“We are seeing gossip from white extremists, from extremists,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, executive director of the Anti-Defamation Federation, which monitors and fights hatred. extremists – they feel encouraged in this moment. We fear that this violence could actually get worse before it got better ”.

Bloomberg on 10/1 said that many far-right groups have confirmed their plans to disrupt the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden – which will take place in the next 10 days.

“Many of us will be back on January 20, carrying weapons to show the determination of our people. We will go there in an amount that no military or police agency has. Unrivaled “- a user of the social network Parler regularly posts articles related to the extremist group QAnon, writes.

Where is the country of America: California name
The violence against the US Congressional building may not be over yet.

Parler, Telegram and are also three of the social networking platforms regularly used by far-right groups to plan to rally participants for the January 6 riot rally.

“Public opinion vehemently condemned the rally on January 6, but there will certainly be right-wing groups that see what happened as a success” – security expert John Scott-Railton of the University of Toronto (Canada) commented. .

The riot in the Capitol, home to both the Senate and the House of Representatives, was one of the most serious security holes in the Reuters, current and former law enforcement officials said. recent American history, turning one of the most recognizable symbols of American power into a site of political violence.

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